Alphabetical Index of Boom! Studios / Archaia

The Muppet Show #6-7

The “Family Reunion” storyline that began in issue #4 with the appearance of Scooter’s sister and continued bringing in Muppet relatives with Randy and Andy Pig in issue #5 concludes in these two issues. It’s written by Roger Langridge with art by Amy Mebberson. I admit, I wasn’t quite as thrilled with the back half of the storyline as I was with the first two comics. But please keep my criticisms in balance; a bad Muppet Show issue is still […]

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The Muppet Show #5

The Family Reunion storyline continues from issue #4. In this issue, it’s Miss Piggy’s turn, with the visit of her nephews Randy and Andy, who are incredibly stupid pigs. I never cared for them much when they appeared on Muppets Tonight!, but in print, they’re funny to me. Perhaps because I can enjoy how they waste everyone else’s time without feeling that mine is wasted, since they take up relatively less screen time. And since their appearance is framed as […]

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Muppets and Fraggles: Licensed Kids’ Comics Reviews

Fraggle Rock #1 The Fraggles return in a new licensed three-issue miniseries from Archaia, the first publication stemming from their deal with the Jim Henson Company announced last year. The comic is in the square format also used by Mouse Guard, and this first issue contains three color stories for $3.95 US. The main story, by Heather White and Jeff Stokely, features faithful likenesses, but there’s a stiffness to them, a sense that we’re watching still photos of puppets instead […]

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Seekers Into the Mystery

Seekers Into the Mystery reprints the first third of the 1996 comic series written by J.M. DeMatteis. That may sound like a while ago, but since “The Pilgrimage of Lucas Hart” is set in 1987, it’s almost become timeless. The content, revolving around the search for meaning in the face of death and self-abuse, is certainly applicable in any year. The majority of this tale of a washed-up screenwriter finding spiritual recovery is illustrated by Glenn Barr. The last chapter […]

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Mouse Guard: Fall 1152

Mouse Guard: Fall 1152 is a beautifully illustrated fantasy story by David Petersen about mice soldiers attempting to quash a traitorous plot. The mouse guard was formed to protect the species against the many predators who want to destroy them. There are a variety of territories, and travel among them requires protection and guides for the traders who must take those paths. When one mouse disappears, three of the best fighters are sent to find out what happened, but their […]

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This fantasy epic by Mark Smylie tells the story of Artesia — a witch, priestess, concubine, and warrior captain — in lovely watercolor painted art. The heavy paper in the collections shows off the images to advantage, supporting this detailed tale of war among various kingdoms. The first volume covers Artesia taking over the castle and throne of her former lover. Before her battles, she prays to her goddesses for bravery and clear sight and victory. Her spells let her […]

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