Alphabetical Index of Dark Horse

It Rhymes With Lust

In 1950, when this graphic novel was first published, It Rhymes With Lust was a much racier title than it seems today. To modern ears, the reaction might be a mild annoyance — What rhymes with lust? Why not come out and say what you’re hinting at? Then, the spicy allusion promised a whole different kind of world, one driven by the kind of base motivations polite people didn’t even know about, let alone voice. The answer is Rust Masson, […]

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Billi 99

I was astounded by how impressive Billi 99 was, and I was stunned that I’d never before heard of this graphic novel. (I only read it because we had a copy tucked away on a back shelf, a remnant of KC’s far-away days on the Dark Horse comp list.) Then I realized why it may have been overlooked: although technically a superhero book, it’s very different in tone and mood, and as written by Sarah E. Byam, it’s focused on […]

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The Perhapanauts: First Blood

The Perhapanauts are a motley group of monster hunters who are themselves imaginary creatures. First Blood, written by Todd Dezago and drawn by Craig Rousseau, introduces them through a fight with a murderous shape-shifter. The Bureau of Extra-Dimensional Liabilities and Management (BEDLAM) has as its mission to investigate the creepy and paranormal. Their agents consist of a psychic, a ghost, a sasquatch, a mystery man, and Choopie, a partially evolved Chupacabras (goat-blood-sucker). When battling, their struggles reveal the team members’ […]

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BPRD: Hollow Earth & Other Stories

The Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense is the quasi-governmental investigative group that Hellboy works for, but this book focuses on his supporting cast: Liz Sherman, a firestarter; Abe Sapien, a fish-man; Roger, a homunculus; and Kate Corrigan, the group’s leader. She’s trying to hold the team together in the wake of Hellboy’s departure and a general sense of mistrust. Liz has sought refuge in a remote monastery, seeking greater control of her power. When Abe receives a disturbing vision […]

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