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DC Super Hero Girls: Hits and Myths

DC Super Hero Girls: Hits and Myths is the second graphic novel in the branded series, and I’m glad to say that I liked it better than the first, Finals Crisis. That may be because, now that the characters are established (although most of the main ones are already well-known), writer Shea Fontana and artist Yancey Labat can create a plot a little more complex than previously. They’re the same creative team from the first book, and they’ve got a […]

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DC Super Hero Girls: Finals Crisis

I’m glad to see that, in all the material they’ve brought out to sell under the DC Super Heroes Girls brand, that they remembered to make a comic. This original graphic novel (written by Shea Fontana, art by Yancey Labat) is actually thicker (128 pages), glossier (with colorful, shiny paper), and slightly smaller than a typical comic, which allows it to be sold in bookstores and provide more kid appeal and value. The cast and plot of Finals Crisis is […]

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