Alphabetical Index of Toon Books

Benny and Penny in The Toy Breaker

Each story I read with these mice siblings is better than the one before. I think it’s because the characters grow on me with exposure — I get more sense of them and their adorable little personalities. In Benny and Penny in The Toy Breaker, the third book in the series (after Just Pretend and The Big No-No!), cousin Bo comes to visit. Benny and Penny have to hide all their toys, because Bo always breaks them. Bo is grabby […]

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Zig and Wikki: Something Ate My Homework

This is something of a departure for the excellent Toon Books line of comics for early readers. Zig and Wikki: Something Ate My Homework is non-fiction, intended to interest kids in science. Zig and Wikki are aliens, trying to capture something for the class zoo as a homework assignment. Zig is the one-eyed red one, with tentacle arms, while Wikki pops up factoids on his head screen. (That’s the educational part.) When they get lost and wind up on Earth, […]

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Little Mouse Gets Ready

The latest Toon book maintains the high quality of their line of hardcover comics for kids. The situation in Little Mouse Gets Ready is simple: a mouse needs to get dressed so he can go to the barn with his family. He puts on his clothes, one piece at a time, sharing the struggles many kids do — getting the arm in the sleeve right, making the buttons match. The sneakers are Velcro, so no need to tie bows any […]

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Toon Books Wave 3: Luke on the Loose, The Big No-No!

Following their releases from last spring and fall, Toon Books has two new titles out this spring. Both are 32-page hardcovers for $12.95, aimed at grades K-2, and they’re the best Toon Books yet. Luke on the Loose by Harry Bliss Luke runs away from his dad while chasing pigeons and journeys through New York City, from Central Park to the Brooklyn Bridge. The opening page, where two adults are engaging in, according to the dialogue, “(boring dad talk)”, tickled […]

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Toon Books Wave 2: Mo & Jo, Jack and the Box, Stinky

I covered the first wave of Toon Books earlier this year. Now, the second wave of books are out, and here’s what I thought. As before, they’re each $12.95 US for 32-40 pages, hardcover, aimed at grades K-2. Mo and Jo Fighting Together Forever written by Jay Lynch; art by Dean Haspiel Hilarious! Mona and Joey are squabbling siblings. Through an elegantly quick turn of events, they wind up with a super-suit that they split in half, because they sure […]

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Toon Books: Benny and Penny, Otto’s Orange Day, Silly Lilly and the Four Seasons

Toon Books is a new imprint that debuted earlier this year with the goal of providing “hardcover comics produced especially for earlier readers” (defined as ages four and up). It’s run by the folks behind Little Lit: Editorial Director Francoise Mouly (who is also Art Editor of The New Yorker) and her husband, Series Advisor Art Spiegelman (who is also author of Maus). So lots of knowledge and experience there! I’m glad to see such handsome volumes carrying the message […]

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