KC’s Westfield Columns (2009)

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Auntie KC’s advice column on Christmas gifts and resolutions

Casper the Friendly Ghost 60th Anniversary Special

Bloom County: The Complete Library Volume One

December 2009: Comics coming in February 2010

A history of direct market comic distribution

November 2009: Comics coming in January 2010

How reading comics has changed over the years

JLA: Year One

October 2009: Comics coming in December 2009

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies

The Legion of Super-Heroes and massive comic company changes

September 2009: Comics coming in November 2009

Captain Britain Omnibus

Showcase Presents Bat Lash

August 2009: Comics coming in October 2009

Big comic events, including Blackest Night and Dark Reign

Melvin Monster by John Stanley

Richard Stark’s Parker: The Hunter

The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: A to Z

How to run a comic crossover

Stan’s Soapbox: The Collection

DC Comics Classics Library: Batman Annuals Volume 1

Advice on planning convention panels

Opinions on superhero comics, including Batman titles and Marvel’s Dark Reign event

Memories of Archie Goodwin

Recovering from a mini-stroke

Working at DC Comics in the late 80s

Best of 2008