KC’s Westfield Columns (2010)

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December 2010: Which of the Fantastic Four will die?

A look back at the trends of 2010

Comics coming in February 2011

November 2010: There are lots of zombie comics

Comics coming in January 2011

October 2010: Good editorial advice and decompressed storytelling

Comic pricing and page counts

Quick comic reviews

A history of long-form serialized comic storytelling called “The Never-Ending Story”: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, and Part Five

Comics coming in December 2010

September 2010: Comics coming in November 2010

August 2010: Reading comics on vacation

Comics coming in October 2010

July 2010: Avoiding comic burnout

Comics coming in September 2010

June 2010: Heroes Con 2010 convention report

Comics coming in August 2010

May 2010: Going to a better place in your head when negativity gets you down

Comics coming in July 2010

April 2010: How to behave when meeting artists at conventions

Jack Kirby’s The Losers

Comics coming in June 2010

March 2010: Remembering Dick Giordano

Avengers Forever

Comics coming in May 2010

February 2010: The Complete Peanuts, 1973-1974

Comics coming in April 2010

January 2010: What it means to create a character in comics, Part One and Part Two

Siege #1

Comics coming in March 2010