KC’s Westfield Columns (2011)

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December 2011: What to expect in 2012

Comics coming in February 2012

November 2011: Tiny Titans rocks!

“Defenders for a Day”, a 1978 storyline from Defenders issues #62-64

Remembering Les Daniels and his books about comics

Comics coming in January 2012

October 2011: The want list/checklist and keeping track of a comic collection

How to organize comics and growing up as a collector

Comics coming in December 2011

September 2011: Why don’t kids read superhero comics?

KC remembers Showcase #100, a star-studded extravaganza featuring 60 (!) main characters

Comics coming in November 2011

August 2011: Favorite summer comics

Comics coming in October 2011: Part One and Part Two

July 2011: Silliness on a Monday

What comics do you show to a new reader?

Comics coming in September 2011

June 2011: Where did the casual readers go?

Thoughts on DC’s relaunch

Comics coming in August 2011

May 2011: DC’s relaunch announcement and character death in Fear Itself #3

Taking a break from reading comics

Comics coming in July 2011

April 2011: The need for sliding timelines for comic book continuity and why they’re his fault, because of Zero Hour

Comics coming in June 2011

March 2011: Lessons for comics from famous movie quotes

Marvel Masterworks: Atlas Era Venus and other “girl comics”

Comics coming in May 2011

February 2011: Valentine’s Day with four classic superhero couples

Comics coming in April 2011

January 2011: Things now gone: the Comics Code, Wizard magazine, and the Human Torch

Comics coming in March 2011: Part One and Part Two