KC’s Westfield Columns (2013)

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December 2013: Marvel comics KC enjoys reading

Peanuts collections for Christmas

Tenzil Kem, Matter-Eater Lad of the Legion of Super-Heroes

Comics coming in February 2014

November 2013: 50th AnniversariesDoctor Who, the Beatles, JFK’s assassination, and a whole bunch of comic books.

The Silver Age Teen Titans Archives Volume 2 as a Nick Cardy tribute

Comics coming in January 2014

October 2013: Afterlife With Archie #1

A look back at The Adventures of Bob Hope, including its monster teachers and Super-Hip, a bizarre attempt to capture kids’ trends of the 1960s

Binge reading

Comics coming in December 2013

September 2013: A look back at the Flash’s Rogues Gallery

Comics coming in November 2013

August 2013: KC plans to teach a comics history course

KC remembers Joe Kubert on the occasion of the release of Comic Book Creator #2

Comics coming in October 2013: Part One and Part Two

July 2013: The origin of Archie’s “Big Moose” Mason: Part One and Part Two

Comics coming in September 2013

June 2013: A look back at Big Apple Comix, an early underground published by Flo Steinberg

Comics coming in August 2013

May 2013: The cancellation of The Legion of Super-Heroes and Marvel’s first original graphic novel

A look back at the comic industry 20 years ago — the Death of Superman, Vertigo’s launch, Robin and Catwoman getting their own series, hologram covers, the first Hellboy appearance, much more

Comics coming in July 2013

April 2013: Good Batman comics and why can’t DC movies be as good as Marvel’s?

Comics coming in June 2013: Part One and Part Two

March 2013: KC reviews several Marvel Now! titles

Life With Archie #21, from 1963, features Archie getting trapped in TV land

Comics coming in May 2013

February 2013: What do you miss about older comics, and what do you like about today’s books?

A brief history of the DC Comics Archives

Comics coming in April 2013

January 2013: Don’t read comics out of habit

Comics coming in March 2013