KC’s Westfield Columns (2016)

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December 2016: KC looks at the DC Universe Rebirth Special hardcover

KC binges on a bunch of Marvel comics, including Karnak and the Inhumans and Death of X

November 2016: KC looks back at all the comics published in the first two months of 1964

KC recommends Suicide Squad and Champions and points out problems with the Avengers comic relaunch

KC considers the recent Josie and the Pussycats title relaunch as a long-time Archie Comics fan

October 2016: In time for the upcoming movie, KC puts out a brief history of Doctor Strange, with plenty of cool covers

KC talks about the oldest book about comics he owns, Learning to Cartoon

September 2016: KC takes a look at notable comics coming in December 2016 or later, including a special Supergirl story, holiday tales, Reggie and Me, and Marvel #1s.

KC recommends the Mockingbird series by Chelsea Cain and Kate Niemczyk.

KC talks about a number of the DC Rebirth titles he’s enjoying.

August 2016: An update on handling the aftermath of the basement flood

KC speculates on what Marvel’s “Death of X” event means

KC recommends the Alpha Flight by John Byrne Omnibus

July 2016: Our recent basement flood and what it did to the comics

KC looks back at the history of imaginary stories published by DC Comics in the Silver Age

KC ponders a life in comics upon reaching a milestone birthday

June 2016: KC recommends Supergirl: The Silver Age Omnibus and tells you what’s missing from it

KC recommends JSA: The Golden Age, due to be reissued in October

May 2016: KC’s (mostly positive) thoughts on DC Universe: Rebirth #1

Following up the previous column, KC lists 10 things you didn’t know about Spider-Woman

KC recommends the current Spider-Woman series and goes over the history of the character

April 2016: KC finds a rare early piece of Adam Hughes art as he recommends a few projects coming in July 2016, including Wonder Woman’s 75th anniversary

KC revisits The Marvels Project, an eight-issue miniseries that was “the centerpiece of Marvel’s 70th Anniversary celebration”

How do you get rid of a large comic collection, and some other major collectors KC has known

March 2016: KC makes a major decision about comic collecting, switching from “floppies” to trade paperbacks

An overview of books featuring young Marvel heroes and followup on how the portfolio school visit went

KC and Johanna visit a university design school with a comic program for portfolio reviews

February 2016: Some highlights among the items due to come out in May of this year, including DC’s rebirth, the comic reworking of some Hanna-Barbera properties, a Doctor Strange omnibus, Marvel cancellations, and much more

The fifth-week event fake history of the Marvels Comics Group

Marvel’s historical stories, pieces written in the modern era but set back in the past

January 2016: A look back at the Ultimate Universe as it ends

KC reads the new Secret Wars storyline