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Season 2 of The Librarians Debuts Tonight

Are you familiar with The Librarians? It’s a fantasy adventure show whose second season premiere airs tonight, November 1, at 8 PM (ET/PT) on TNT. I started paying attention to it because it was developed by John Rogers, previously responsible for Leverage. It’s a spinoff of the three Librarian movies starring Noah Wyle as a mystical, knowledgable adventurer. He guest-stars in several episodes of the show, including the season premiere and finale. Like Leverage, there’s a mismatched group with unusual […]

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Why Kickstarters May Not Sell at Retail

A couple of months ago, Brian Hibbs wrote a great column about the problems a retailer may have in deciding whether to stock a crowdfunded product. it seems super-attractive to cut out the middleman and go directly to your patrons. The problem that I see is that the actual business model in comics (and probably all art in general, but I’m only certain about my specialty) is the long-game. That is to say: the real benefit comes not from how […]

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Boomerang Changes Focus, Adds Ads

I used to think of Boomerang as the animation nostalgia channel, with its focus on older, archival programming. However, now it’s changing its focus, with a new direction in the US coming next year and expanded international presence. From the press release: Turner Broadcasting announced today that its second flagship kids brand, Boomerang, is being re-launched as a global all-animation, youth-targeted network, repositioned with a line-up of timeless and contemporary cartoons programmed for family co-viewing…. Drawing upon the vast resources […]

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C2E2: Mark Waid, Comics Retailer vs. Mark Waid, Digital Publisher

I went to two panels at C2E2. One was on Digital Comics; the other was titled “Mark Waid, Comics Retailer vs. Mark Waid, Digital Publisher”, which I thought was the best panel title ever. As Waid explained, he launched, a digital comics site, in 2012 with John Rogers (Leverage, Blue Beetle). Digital comics were considered by some retailers to mean the death of print, the end of comics as we knew them overnight. Last year, Waid bought a comic […]

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