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Absolute DC: The New Frontier

Review by KC Carlson Darwyn Cooke’s DC: The New Frontier is a lusciously illustrated paean to the Silver Age of American superheroes. The Absolute Edition shows off the art even better with its oversized pages and upscale slipcased presentation. This is not a book for casual reading. (There are two trade paperback collections for that.) This is a book for poring over, with it well-supported on a desk or table so you don’t hurt yourself. The slipcase gives an introduction […]

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Batman/The Spirit

After Absolute DC: The New Frontier, I will check out anything Darwyn Cooke does, even if it’s written by a mega-hack like Jeph Loeb. And I found that that was the key — look at the pictures, ignore the hackneyed text. For instance, Batman’s introductory splash page is marred by an unnecessary and pointless “I’m coming for you, Joker!” Those visuals, though… mmmmm. Commissioners Gordon and Dolan commiserating in front of a huge hearth in a men’s club room populated […]

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Happy Holidays! Best of 2006

The more I’m able to knock off the to-do list, the more I look forward to the winter holidays. These wonderful comic-themed advent calendar countdowns help, too. Here’s my list of the ten best graphic novels of 2006. Fun Home: A Family TragicomicAs excellent as everyone says it is, this graphic memoir is all the more powerful for what it doesn’t show about Alison Bechdel’s father’s hidden life. Dramacon Book 2Easily the most entertaining graphic novel I read this year. […]

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KC’s Westfield Columns (2014)

More current columns are found here December 2014: Comics coming in February 2015: Part One and Part Two A recommendation for Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration November 2014: Comics coming in January 2015: Part One and Part Two October 2014: Comics coming in December 2014: Part One and Part Two September 2014: Comics coming in November 2014: Part One and Part Two August 2014: Comics coming in October 2014: Part One and Part Two July 2014: Comics coming in September 2014: […]

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