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Pushing Daisies

Pushing Daisies combines the love-with-obstacles relationship of a great screwball comedy with the brightly candy-colored visual imagination of the (first) Willy Wonka movie or The Wizard of Oz. There’s even a plummy voiced narrator (Jim Dale, who sometimes amusingly contradicts the characters) with a flowery sense of diction. I find it odd that I’m comparing this completely unique show to the best kids’ movies, but there’s something both very adult — dealing with themes of life and death and who […]

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Castle Waiting

This handsome hardcover collects (if I’ve gotten this right), The Curse of Brambly Hedge, issues #1-14 of the mostly self-published series (as well as those put out by Cartoon Books), and short stories from Scatterbrain #1 and the second Trilogy Tour special. Regardless, now that all this Castle Waiting is under one cover, the original appearances are irrelevant. This is the format that suits the material. The book’s old-fashioned look acknowledges the tradition behind the story’s setting — all those […]

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Beauty Pop Volumes 1-7

The concept of the makeover is an important part of shojo manga. It’s important for the shy girl to be revealed, with a better haircut, as surprisingly beautiful or the geeky girl to become popular when she pays more attention to working on her looks. This series by Kiyoko Arai takes that concept and knocks it on its ear. Kiri is a very talented hairstylist who knows the transforming power of the right cut. She doesn’t much care about her […]

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Emma is a beautifully illustrated period piece by Kaoru Mori that explores a forbidden relationship in Victorian London. Emma is maid to a former governess, whose young charge William has now grown into a prominent gentleman. He’s interested in Emma after their chance meetings, but he’s unsure of whether to say anything, especially given how strictly class lines are socially enforced. William’s clumsy attempts to demonstrate his affection only reinforce the difference. He thinks nothing of buying a new pair […]

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