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New Platinum Wowio Contracts Discussed; Goodbye, Wowio

WOWIO worked for everyone: free comics for readers and real payments for creators of 50 cents a PDF download. (I previously interviewed Bill Williams of Lone Star Press about how well it worked for them.) Then they were acquired by generally shady Platinum. Even if you don’t mind the ethics, Platinum lost over $5 million last year (link no longer available), mainly because their business plan appears to be “acquire comic properties, don’t publish them, hope someone gives us lots […]

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How Wowio Works for Lone Star Press: An Interview with Bill Williams

In response to my post on Free Comic Book Day rejecting webcomics, Bill Williams of Lone Star Press expressed a lack of surprise, saying The middlemen in the print arena are afraid of getting cut out and do their best to bury the indy digital creators. I have books and comics by Bill Willingham and others available for free at WOWIO and I cannot get a press release run on a major site. I thought this presented intriguing ground for […]

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Cowboys & Aliens Writing Credit Dispute

Cowboys & Aliens is Universal’s bid for a big summer blockbuster. It will be in theaters July 29, 2011, but the press has already started, with a release sent out announcing the poster and a trailer debuting on Wednesday. They’ve got some big names in the cast — Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Olivia Wilde — an easily graspable high concept, and the ability to say “from the director of Iron Man“, Jon Favreau. It’s all “based on Platinum Studios’ graphic […]

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