Sherlock Holmes in Comics

Sherlock Holmes has appeared in numerous English-language comics, graphic novels, and manga over the years. Here are some of them, arranged in the following categories, with a focus on collections, book-format comics, and stories in print.

  • Classic Stories — comic adaptations of Sherlock Holmes stories written by the original author, Arthur Conan Doyle
  • Canon Expansions — new stories featuring the classic version of the Sherlock Holmes character
  • Revamps & New Spins — different character takes or settings, often modernized, from the original
  • Related Characters — comics and manga with lead characters who aren’t Sherlock Holmes or John Watson, but who are closely related, including Enola, Violet, Sheffield, and Irene Adler
  • Back Issues — Older comics most often found as single issues in the collectible market
  • Webcomics & Fan Work — Online, webcomic, and fan versions of Sherlock Holmes in comics

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