Sherlock Holmes in Comics

Various Sherlock Holmes comics

Sherlock Holmes has appeared in numerous English-language comics, graphic novels, and manga over the years. Here are some of them. (An ongoing project, with many more to be added. Follow @Sherlock_Comics on Twitter for updates.)

  • The Classic Stories — comic adaptations of Sherlock Holmes stories written by the original author, Arthur Conan Doyle
  • Expanding on the Original — new stories featuring the classic version of the Sherlock Holmes character
  • Revamps and Original Spins — stories inspired by the original, but with different character takes or settings
  • Related Characters — comics and manga with lead characters who aren’t Sherlock Holmes or John Watson, but who are closely related, including Enola, Violet, Sheffield, and Irene Adler

Webcomics and Fan Creations

It’s difficult to catalog the various online and fan versions of Sherlock Holmes, as if they make it into print, it’s often a one-time or limited-audience release, so I welcome more information for this section.

Consulting Detectives by Basil (Ghostbees) was a comic strip updated from 2012-2016. It features canon-style Holmes and Watson, often sniping at each other or making jokes based on a modern take on the existing stories.

"The Case of the Two Watsons" by Kate Beaton

Kate Beaton created one of the most famous online Holmes comics with “The Case of the Two Watsons“, which covers the dumbing down of Watson for comic relief. The sequel, “Another Case of Watsons“, introduces Stupid Watson to Gay Watson.

Panel by Kelly Fesmire (AnotherWellKeptSecret)

Kelly Fesmire (AnotherWellKeptSecret) has posted a number of explicit Johnlock comics (stories where Sherlock and John are romantically involved).

Panel by kitten-kin

Kitten-Kin has posted a bunch of short comics, with a longer work titled “The Science of Affection” that features Sherlock and John taking care of his daughter Rosie.

Wai Au Sherlock comic

Wai Au posted Sherlock fan comics online from 2012-2013, collected in two fanbooks (no longer available), Two Hundred Twenty-One Bee and I Will Follow You Holmes.