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Johanna Draper Carlson

KC and Johanna

KC and Johanna

I’ve been reviewing comics for over twenty-five years and running Comics Worth Reading since 1999. I also have a Master of Arts degree in Popular Culture, with focus areas on online fandom and the portrayal of hackers in popular culture. My credits include:

Please email me with comments or questions. If you are interested in having your work reviewed on this site, please see our review policy.

KC Carlson

KC Carlson has been working in comics since 1972, where, as a teenager, he stripped the covers off unsold comics to return to the publishers for a local magazine distributor. Since then, he has worked for DC Comics (as editor on The Legion of Super-Heroes, Zero Hour, and Superman), the mail-order subscription service Westfield Company, Capital City Distribution, and several retail comic shops, continuing to destroy comics at every step. He also once worked as a “pooper-scooper” for a dog show. (Guess which one paid better?)

View all of KC’s contributions to this site. KC also wrote for the Westfield Comics blog from 2007-2020.

KC and Johanna have been married since 1999. They met at a comic book convention and share a love of the Legion of Super-Heroes and the Monkees, among many other things.