KC’s Westfield Columns

KC writes regular columns for Westfield Comics, a local and mail-order retailer. Many are looks at what’s coming up in the Diamond Previews ordering catalog, but some cover other topics. Here are the links.

March 2020: KC writes his last Westfield Comics column for a while, as the comic industry pauses for pandemic, covering what’s out in late March

KC points out key comics available this week, including the Wonder Comics crossover, a Mister Miracle collection, and History of the Marvel Universe – Treasury Edition

KC reminds us of several titles debuting this week (in early March), including Strange Academy, Spider-Man Noir, and Strange Adventures

February 2020: KC suggests some items to order from the March Previews catalog for items coming in May or later

KC looks at two Batman-related graphic novels for young adults

KC recommends comics out in early February, including DC’s Crimes of Passion and Psychoanalysis

KC Carlson by Keith Wilson

January 2020: KC suggests some items to order from the February Previews catalog for items coming in April or later

KC recommends comics for mid-January, including one where Archie meets Katy Keene and a Jessica Jones print series

KC recommends some new releases for the first week of the year, including a new Star Wars comic, a Thor relaunch, and a Wonder Woman graphic novel

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