Site Review Policy

If you are interested in having your comic (or movie or book) reviewed on this site, here’s some information you might find helpful.

I prefer graphic novels, manga, and other book-format comics, because they’re much easier for interested consumers to find, as well as being still timely and relevant if I can’t cover them immediately. I will also review webcomics as time allows. It is rare for me to write about something that can’t be easily found by a reader, so I’m more likely to cover your work if it’s available a) at Amazon b) through Diamond Distribution and/or c) for sale (or readable) on your website.

A review is not guaranteed. Given the title of this site, I’d rather talk about items I liked than items I didn’t, so if I didn’t care for your comic, and if there’s nothing informative I have to say about it, then I might choose not to cover it. If I make that decision and you honestly want to know why (which may include the phrase “not of professional enough quality to be worth covering”), please let me know. I will also notify the creator and/or publisher when reviews are posted, if I have an email address to use.

I do not cover horror or zombie stories, because I am squeamish. I have no interest in that genre and no background to talk about it.

If you’re interested in submitting an item for possible review, please email me with the following information:

  • A short description of the premise. For example: “My graphic novel is about the last girl on earth and her computer-generated puppy trying to reach an abandoned temple in Toronto so she can magically repopulate the planet.”
  • The target audience. “I think my book will be of interest to Vertigo readers, especially young adult women” or “My comic is aimed at superhero fans who are bored with the overemphasis on continuity from DC and Marvel” or “I want my autobiographical story to inspire other transgender people.” I want to know who you’re trying to sell to, beyond “comics shops” or “everyone”.
  • The format and publishing schedule (Miniseries? Graphic novel? Listed in next month’s Previews? Monthly? Quarterly? Whenever I can get to it? etc.) and how the material can be ordered or purchased.
  • A link to sample pages. This doesn’t have to be public and won’t be publicized if so, although something I can point readers to so they can check it out for themselves is preferable. I want to get an idea of the art style you’re using.

I will respond with my mailing address, which I don’t want to publish directly. I prefer seeing the final printed product, particularly if you’re doing something creative with format or package or color, but PDFs are ok. Please don’t email them before checking with me, so my email doesn’t get clogged. FTP or Dropbox downloads are preferred.

Thank you very much for considering this site for submission. I wish you the best of luck with your efforts.