Alichino Book 1

I picked up this volume because I saw a preview, and I was astounded by the beauty of the art. Stunning, graceful figures stare piercingly at the reader, accompanied by a menacing owl.

Alichino are gorgeous beings who can grant wishes at the cost of the requester’s soul. They’re lovely demons, drawn to misery and deep desires. A girl, seeking one to save her brother’s life, mistakes Tsugiri for one because of his beauty. He’s not, but he lives with those who are.

Alichino Book 1 cover
Alichino Book 1
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The work is dense with tones. The characters are gorgeously aloof, with cats’ eyes darkly rimmed with lashes. Their faces, framed with long hair, are masks, allowing the reader room for interpretation. I found it hard to tear my eyes away from their powerful androgyny.

I was often lost by the story, but that provided the benefit of an excuse to look again at previous pages. The characters debate the nature of suffering, sacrifice, life, and death with gothic costumes and influences. Recommended for fans of Velvet Goldmine or Interview with the Vampire.


  1. When reading the illistrations above, you are swept into the book and you never ever want to let it out of you hands. And thous, you want to just keep reading until your heart is content with the living soul to which are taken from the people and given to you for they must obey you.

  2. My opinion is that i totally love the series i have book 1 and 2 and i need to get book 3 but i’ve been hearing that there might not be a book 4? that would suck

  3. The art in this book is incredable with fantastic amounts of detail, but I did have to reread whole sections later on to make sure I was following the story line still and to help myself work out which character was which.

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