Boys Over Flowers Book 1

Tsukushi is a middle-class student at an ultra-elite high school. Her schoolmates are dropped off by chauffeurs and carry designer bags costing thousands of dollars, while she works part-time just for spending money. The school is run by a clique of cool, rich, and handsome students who ostracize anyone who displeases them.

Tsukushi’s innocently good heart manifests through her huge, round eyes (resembling out-sized marbles) and her braided pigtails. She feels everything intently, allowing the inequities to build up in her until she has to scream her frustration with the world every morning before class.

Boys Over Flowers Book 1 cover
Boys Over Flowers Book 1
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She’s only at the school to earn prestige for her father. For the next two years until she graduates, she waits through every day, hoping only to avoid being noticed. She’s become the kind of person she hates, the kind who doesn’t stand up for what they believe.

When a friend trips and falls on one of the clique, Tsukushi finds herself forced to confront them. The clique calls themselves F4, the flowery four, to reflect their beauty. To fight them, Tsukushi decides she’s a weed, something that can’t be eradicated easily. As a result, she’s shunned by the rest of the school because they’re afraid to draw F4’s wrath.

She’s all alone, with even the friend she was protecting gone, but she’s recaptured her inner strength and integrity. When F4 sets her up to be raped, one of them rescues her, demonstrating unexpected kindness. It turns out Tsukushi resembles the F4’s leader’s older sister, providing psychological complication.

One of the themes is that beauty doesn’t reflect character. You can buy clothes and hairstyles, but you can’t buy a good heart. The look is stereotypical girls’ manga, with a childlike heroine and pretty boys, although they have strangely elongated faces with Jay Leno-like chins.

Boys Over Flowers has some plot elements in common with Hot Gimmick, but since it was originally published in 1992, it’s more traditional in its treatment. There’s less psychology, more comedic incidents, and a lighter touch. Also, the fashions and hair styles are now outdated, so that the cool kids are easier to laugh at for thinking they’re hip.


  1. I cant believe no one has commented on this series! it is one of the best manga i have ever read. i couldnt get enough of it and thanks to scanlations, i can read the whole series! though i love holding the real thing in my hands better and re-reading that over and over again!

  2. ishikuro sachira

    Boys over flowers is so awesome! I can’t wait to finish this series! Do you know where I can get the scanlations on the Internet? please help me if u can. tanx

  3. I don’t follow scanlations, sorry.

  4. I love it! it’s great

  5. man. its the funiest things i ever read. its part of my top 5 list of mangas ive read! i luv domyoji!

  6. I love your books they are so good!!!!!!

  7. I don’t know why this one isn’t a recommended read or listed as a good manga starting point. This is one of the greatest series out there, with one of the best heroines in any genre of literature.

    Every character in this series rings true; we all know someone just like Tsukasa or Akira or Sakurako, etc. And how about Tsukasa’s mom as the scariest future mother-in-law, ever? As for the comedic bits, they are there, but as disturbing and depressing as this series sometimes gets, it needs all the comic relief it can get.

  8. It’s not a recommended series because I didn’t like it enough to continue. It’s a long story to commit to, with over 30 volumes.

  9. I think this comic book was the best comic book I’ve ever read and I hope I can read more!

  10. I LOVED Boys Over Flowers. Other ood reads if u liked this are Girl got game, Snow drop If u can take it, Flame of Recca BASARA possibly beter than Boys over Flowers. Last But no Least i thin k u should try Maison ikkoku and possibly Ranma 1/2

  11. what do u mean over 30 volumes?
    i searched and there are only 22!!

  12. The series is planned to be over 36 volumes, based on the Japanese book count, once it concludes.

  13. do u mean the other of the books still didn’t finnish the volumes in japanese?
    or is it that viz still didn’t translate all the volumes?

  14. Viz is still translating and publishing the books. Book 25 will be out in August, with more to come.

  15. OMG!! I heart Boys Over Flowers!!! U no wat annoys me tho? Tsukushi should just admit she likes Domyoji and move on ffrom there!!!I wanna read #20! It always ends on a cliffhanger fun but wayy 2 much suspense 4 me! LOLZ jus jokez but still…

  16. lol,I know. i mean domoyoji says he loves her and she just kisses his best friends. however i don’t blame she had a crush on rui more than she did on domoyoji! and what i hate is that every single time tsukushi and domoyoji actually have a chance together some guy gets in the way that is nicer to her and every thing gets messed! why not put a girl in the way once in the while?
    I’m on vol.11, I have vol.12-16 on hold at the library.I can’t wait!!!

  17. Best series ever! Not only the original manga but the TV show anime is awesome, the movie is a different take on the manga series and the Live Action is amazing! Both seasons! They just keep adding great things to this series that makes it bettter and better! After you thought it couldn’t get any better too! :) Buy it!

  18. I know! Tsukushi anoys me how shes like oh yah i like him but i don’t wanna b with him im like girl u best make up ur mind or im gunna like stop reading LOLZ as if thats possible Zahraa u and i hav soooo much in common lolz.There not to expensive but there hard 2 find i’ve read up to 19 no jokez i neeeeeddd 2 read 20! I swear ill like DIE of gunna learn japanese and buy it i japanese or sumthing LOLZ j/k

  19. WHERE DID YOU GET THEMOVIE LIKE TELL ME NOW I NEEEEED IT!!! Am the youngest 1 here?nm i hope not

  20. I know ur all probably tired of me but is Johanna like the Editor or sumthing she knows alot.:D

  21. Ha ha, no, I have no formal connection to this series or Viz. I just researched the book.

  22. lol! i know aldie! i mean i still dont own one but i’m hopin someday i will!how old are you?me?1993. i am on 17 and i cant wait!i swear i want to lrn japanese aswell just for this!lol dont you notice that the cover of the books above 20 are much more better than the earlier ones like say 1? and that tsukasa has looked more happier{not screaming/angry}and appears more with tsukushi alone than with the whole what does that tell you?lol oh and doesnt tsukushi look cuter with her shorter hair? oh and i think vol.15 was the best! i mean when they were in the hospital and they played that trick on her,she choked tsukasa,he thought she was adorable,them talking so couple like and so on.i laughed and saw how perfect they were together. “your a virgin aswell!
    ~shut up~”

  23. wow i talk alot lol!

  24. Im 1994:) pretty close;)
    Birthday in November:(

  25. I soooo agree with u about the couple thing

  26. I honestly thought the same thing when I was reading the manga. The “cool” kid’s style was actually really really really lame.

    The manga-ka, being a newbie, couldn’t draw at all. All the guys ended up looking horrible. There was too much comedic effect for me….

    But I stuck with it, and it soon got a WHOLE LOT MORE INTERESTING! It’s realistic. You got to give it that. It doesn’t try to play psychologist, but give a view of real life. My fav was when Yuki fell in love. They don’t have a happily ever after ending, but it’s a realistic ending. Tsukasa and Tsukushi has the same ending.

    Plus, since the shojo manga spanned 36 volumes, it took a long time to finished and so at the end, the art was 10x better, the situations more serious and appropriate but still carry a slight lighthearted-ness when Tsukasa and Tsukushi are together (reminiscence of the time when they still hated each other), and the cool kids….more cool. ^.^

    You need lots of patience to finish this story, but when you do, you won’t regret it. It reminds me of KareKano in that aspect, actually…

  27. I’m sorry for a second comment, but please, give this series another shot!

    It’s one of the best stories out there, once you get through the first hurdle. Tsukushi, for example, is a great heroine, who is strong minded and doesn’t give in to anybody, not like the weak shoujo heroine you see nowadays.

    The love between Tsukush and Tsukasa is really sweet. Like I said, it’s slow at first, but really moves forward after the art gets a bit better.

    I’m not expecting you to love it…But please give it another shot! Or you can opt for the drama which is more condensed but more childish instead. But don’t miss it!

  28. i love this book! (just saying)

  29. lol same im waiting to read 26 and 27

  30. It’s awesome! i cant get enough of it and i keep on reading it over and over again.

  31. this story is great, but what makes it bad is that when tsukushu keeps hiding her love to tsukasa! whyyyyyy???? still i love tha book!! can’t wait to read the next one!!! ^_^

  32. I love boys over flowers series. I’m on volume 10. Great series :)

  33. […] but because it’s all big chins and poofy hair on top of the head and it reminds me of Boys Over Flowers. It’s a real page-turner, easy to zip through and plenty to enjoy in this big hunk of book. […]

  34. i like to know more about them in my life i wish i can see them in my rue eyes thats it.

  35. its totally wonderful,i love always watching all the seen. I hope that they have again some movie.

  36. Hasnat Jahan

    omgg i like totally loved it though girls like me who live in New York are sopposed to luv shoppin buh i jus care about this manga sooo much>3

  37. ha i dont understand why they act so dramatic in the show but i love the plot

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