24 Hour Comics Day Announced

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This year, 24 Hour Comics Day will be October 20, 2007. (It’s moved from April to put it further away from Free Comic Book Day.) Watch for more information later in the year about which locations will be holding events.

Update: In the interests of providing greater context to new readers, the 24 Hour Comic is an artistic exercise created by Scott McCloud in which you attempt to create 24 pages of comics in 24 hours. 24 Hour Comics Day is a semi-official gathering in which you do this in groups of people; it often takes place in comic shops.

Changed this year: there will be no official anthology collection afterwards.

The books of the past years, as proud as we are of them, were not profitable, and they took a large effort to compile. As such, barring either some sizable grant for producing it or some other established publisher expressing an interest in publishing the book this year, there won’t be a central book. However, we will encourage individual sites to produce their own anthologies, and expect to be partnering with a print-on-demand service to help make this practical.

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