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Reactions to DC cancelling the Minx line are popping up all over the web.

DC Comics sent out an official statement confirming the news but otherwise saying nothing:

Minx will cease publication beginning January ’09. Minx was an experimental imprint for DC Comics and we are extremely proud of the books we published and the stories we told during the past two years. We thank all of the writers and artists who lent their talents to our endeavor and especially thank readers who came along for the ride. DC Comics remains committed to publishing diverse material for diverse audiences as we continue to welcome new readers.

When I questioned them as to what this meant for the next three titles specifically, they said “We are declining further comment at this time.” All I was asking was whether we’d still be able to buy Emiko Superstar, which already had advance reading copies put out!

The artist, Steve Rolston, answers that question: yes, it will be released on October 8. No word yet on Token, which was due in November. Given DC’s statement, I’m hoping that it’s still planned to come out, especially since it was already solicited (JUL08 0205). Update: It seems likely, given its October release date and state of completion, that Token will come out, so at least the line will end with a bang.

Hope Larson, author of Chiggers, has some insightful statements, including how her life might have been different if her pitch to them had been accepted.

I found that post via David Welsh, who ponders how mediocre works go over with girls who read.

The first comment at Heidi’s post points out that in his library system, the books “sat on our shelves gathering dust while most manga and superhero fare from the Big 2 continued to fly out the door at a brisk pace.”

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  1. thekamisama Says:

    I suspect in a few years when this backlist starts moving at the bookstore level (like what happened with the Paradox books) they will regret burying another imprint before it’s time.

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