Sara Varon’s New Kids’ Book: Chicken and Cat Clean Up

Due in March of next is a book called Chicken and Cat Clean Up by Sara Varon.

Chicken and Cat Clean Up cover
Chicken and Cat Clean Up

I was familiar with her early comic anthology, Sweaterweather, and I’d seen the wordless Robot Dreams, so I knew about her cute, lumpy characters, but I didn’t know she’d moved into making children’s books. It’s a good match for her stories and style.

In this volume, a 40-page hardcover for $16.99 aimed at ages 4-8, Chicken runs a housecleaning service in New York City. Cat works with Chicken, but Cat is clumsy and causes accidents, wanting to play instead of work. It’s only when Cat plays to his strengths that he’s recognized for his help. The full-color pages are calm and welcoming in their cool pastels. This new book is a sequel to Chicken and Cat, which came out a couple of years ago from Scholastic.

Chicken and Cat cover
Chicken and Cat

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