*Token — Recommended

Token, last of the Minx line, is also the best.

Alisa Kwitney writes a story about a fifteen-year-old Jewish girl in Miami in 1987. Shira’s best friends are her grandmother and her buddy, a former movie star. They feed her nostalgic dreams of glamour, which don’t help when her father gets seriously involved with his secretary. She feels like she’s losing his love, with no one’s support to replace it.

Some of the elements are standard — mean blonde classmates, a feeling of no one understanding her until she meets an unusual boy — but the idea of shoplifting as a vehicle for self-discovery is unusual, and events don’t work out in the standard, expected ways. More, Joelle Jones’ impressive art elevates the work with her expressive figures. Regardless of whether they’re beautiful, Jones’ characters are attractive in their uniqueness. (Her previous book, 12 Reasons Why I Love Her, was one of my Best of 2006.)

Although Minerva’s stories of the glory days have influenced Shira, especially how she thinks about the signals of love, the point of the book is that life isn’t a movie. The boy may just be a temporary enjoyment instead of a life-changing true love. Culture clash provides the allure of the different, but sometimes it can’t be overcome. Shira’s learning to make her own choices and deal with the consequences. Her father wants to pay attention to his life without letting her do the same. Working out a resolution and dealing with the heartbreak to get there makes everyone stronger.

The usual Minx title was a coming-of-age story in which a teenage girl discovers love and makes the first steps towards her own identity. While Token fits that mold, it provides a more mature, subtle take on things. It takes the line out on a high point.

Don MacPherson’s review includes some sample panels.

6 Responses to “*Token — Recommended”

  1. odessa steps magazine Says:

    This was a really entertaining books. I wasn’t totally wild about the story, but Joelle’s art is so great.

    Shameless plug: Joelle did the cover art for our next issue (whenever it actually comes out) for our interview with Jamie Rich.

  2. Don MacPherson Says:

    Is Token the last Minx book? I’ve been waiting for Emiko Superstar, mainly because it features art from Steve (Pounded, Mek) Rolston. Has it already been released? Or will it never be released as a result of the demise of the imprint?

    Personally, I thought Water Baby was the strongest of the Minx books, but Token was strong.

  3. Johanna Says:

    Emiko Superstar came out in October, just before this one. Me, I thought Water Baby was just creepy, and some of its points and themes went nowhere.

  4. Rivkah Says:

    I remember picking this up and flipping through it and finding the art appealing as well. Didn’t have any money on me at the time, unfortunately, but your review might just make me buy it the next time I do. :)

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