Last Spirit Archives Postponed

The Spirit Archives Volume 26, the last in the DC Comics reprint series, was due out last week. It didn’t arrive. Today DC released this announcement:

Please note that all orders for THE SPIRIT ARCHIVES VOL. 26 HC (AUG08 0190) are cancelled. This item will be resolicited at a later date.

According to Amazon, that new due date is June 23. Which will, interestingly enough, put it out AFTER Dark Horse’s tie-in “volume 27″, which is due out May 20.

Maybe they decided that tying a $60 volume into a movie that bombed wasn’t that good an idea. By June, the DVD may be available, and opinions may have softened.

(I recently reviewed the three previous Spirit Archive volumes.)

4 Responses to “Last Spirit Archives Postponed”

  1. Joshua Macy Says:

    Huh. I didn’t even realize the movie had come and gone already.

  2. Chad Anderson Says:

    That Dark Horse tie-in is pretty cool. How in the heck did that bit of inter-company business get worked out? And do you know if it’s a complete collection of that series?

  3. Johanna Says:

    It’s supposed to be. And DC and Dark Horse have worked together before, so I’m sure there’s some company goodwill involved. DC may figure that, although they’re not involved in any way with this volume, that seeing a “27” may spur some people to buy the previous books.

  4. Chad Anderson Says:

    It’ll spur me to get rid of those floppies taking up space in my house…




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