Yotsuba&! to Return From Yen

Exciting news! At the NY Con today, according to MangaBlog, Yen Press (publishers of With the Light, Sundome, and the monthly anthology Yen+, among others) announced that they would be publishing Yotsuba&! Book 6 in September. The much-loved series was previously released through ADV Manga, whose continued existence has been speculated on for at least the last eight months.


  1. It’s like the heavens have opened and my prayers are finally answered. Let there be Yotsuba goodness for all!

  2. This is excellent news!

    However, I wonder if their effort will be hampered by the availability of the prior volumes. My retailer was unable to get volume 4 from Diamond when I requested it, and Amazon wasn’t able to fill my order either. I finally found a copy at a local comic shop at which I have previously found other out-of-print books. So perhaps volume 4 is scarce?

  3. Best news of 2009 so far for me.

  4. All of the older volumes are in short supply at the moment, and there’s likely to be a rush on the last few remaining ones when the final volume is released. It’s a shame they wont be doing reprints of the early volumes, like they are doing with the IceK titles

  5. It’s not the final volume. 7 and 8 are already published in Japan, and it’s still going.

  6. I share these concerns, but at least Yotsuba&! is mostly stand-alone stories. And I’m thrilled to see that there are more books to come.

  7. I heard that Yen Press will release volume six first. Can anyone confirm if that’s true or not?

  8. That’s what the announcement was, reportedly.

  9. Awesome news :D Hope Yen Press does as good a job with the series as ADV did with the first five volumes.

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  12. Will the translation be drastically altered? Reading the releases by ADV, I think we’ve become used to the way Yotsuba read. With the change in publisher and probably translation team, will our little Yotsuba and her friends still sound the same?

  13. Jason, I started reading Yotsuba in Japanese with volume 4, and the characters didn’t sound much different even with that big a change. So long as the translation is decent, I think you’ll find it a pretty smooth transition.

  14. Best comics news all week.

  15. At this point, I’ll be glad to be done with ADV-manga. Their customer relations have been nothing but silence or abuse for years now.

    I have heard that at least one of the translators for Yotsubato has been picked up (hope its the right one :) ).

    I have the japanese series to date (volumes 1-8) and whomever did volume 5 did a pretty decent job (though they rewrote a few lines completely for western sensibility imo).

    Yen Press and perhaps Viz are rapidly becoming my main source for “manga I like” and Tokyopop is just sliding away into oblivion with their cuts.

  16. It looks like Yen Plus will rerelease the older volumes of Yotsuba if you take a look at their webpage: http://yenpress.us/?page_id=636 I’m just happy the manga is going to be published again! :D

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