Pluto / Astro Boy Character Comparison

I’m reading Pluto: Urasawa x Tezuka, but I’ve never read Astro Boy, so I found this character comparison chart (via Faith Erin Hicks) particularly fascinating. I didn’t realize how much Naoki Urasawa was cleaning up the characters, making them more realistic than cartoony.

Update: The chart is by Xavier Guilbert, as part of his Pluto review (translated from the French).


  1. The cartoony aspect of Astro Boy was part of the charm. It helped make the premise and thin plots far more palatable.

    Great fun, those original Astro Boy stories. Although, you only need read a couple of books to get an idea that it’s lather, rinse and repeat.

  2. Very cool! I just read the original Astro Boy version of the storyline that inspired Pluto last week and was thinking of doing something like this, so thanks very much for linking to that. Not only does it save me the time of doing it myself, but it looks much better than anything I would have done!

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    Great idea, and it make the boy really humane now!

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