Faith Erin Hicks Announces Friends With Boys, Her Next Graphic Novel

Faith Erin Hicks, author of The War at Ellsmere and Zombies Calling, has announced via blog post that her next graphic novel will be Friends With Boys, to be published by First Second Books in (hopefully) 2011.

It’s about a girl named Maggie, who has three brothers (as I do), who was home-schooled (as I was), and is now entering her first year of public high school (as I did). She also is stalked by a ghost (that has yet to happen to me). She gets mixed up in High School Drama, makes friends with the wrong people, and because the story is written by me, it will contain two things: 1) Zombies. And 2) Someone will, eventually, get punched in the face.

She tells the story of how she came to work with the publisher and got a agent as part of the background on this story (which was originally intended for DC’s defunct Minx imprint). There are also art examples posted at her site. Go check it out! She does great work with young women characters, and I’m already eager to read this next book.

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