Whiteout Bonus Features Blu-Ray Only
December 2, 2009

Got the ad for the upcoming Whiteout DVD and Blu-ray today, and I was disappointed to see that the bonus features, for the most part, were only announced for the Blu-ray version.


The film wasn’t very good, but I was still interested in seeing the featurette discussing the graphic novel and its trip to film, especially what artist Steve Lieber had to say. However, these special features are described as “exclusive to Blu-ray”:

  • The Coldest Thriller Ever Story — Kate Beckinsale and others brave disintegrating sets, gale-force winds, and -65 degree lunch hours.
  • Freeze Frame: From Page to Screen — The chronicle of a legendary graphic novel’s journey
  • Additional scenes in hi-def
  • Includes digital copy

The DVD only has the additional scenes. The DVD has a list price of $29 US, while the Blu-ray is $36. Both are due out January 19. This is the kind of thing that makes me wonder if the extra features will be posted online anywhere, since now I don’t have any need to see the movie again.

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