Next DC Original Animated Film Is Another Superman/Batman
June 26, 2010

While Warner Home Video is promoting Batman: Under the Red Hood, out July 27, with interviews and film clips like this one, where Batman and Red Hood argue about tactics:

Superman Batman Apocalypse

News has already leaked about the next original direct-to-DVD DC animated film.

Shown here is what the Superman homepage is reporting will be the cover for Superman/Batman: Apocalypse, due out September 28. As expected, Warner is sticking with the big brand-name properties now, focusing on well-known characters. Looks like Darkseid and an evil Supergirl will be involved.

I find myself more interested in the new short cartoons, which explore further into the DC Universe. In this case, Green Arrow gets the spotlight.

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James Schee writes:  

Looks like a sequel to the first Superman/Batman story, from the first movie. I was actually surprised that the end of the first movie didn’t do the same as the comic and have them find Supergirl in the big meteor.

I wonder if they are paying Jeph Loeb any money for these movies? I mean they are basically adapting his stories.

I did like the Spectre toon from the last one, not sure about Jonah Hex as I have never been into that comic. GA could be fun.

DC seems to do well in animation. Batman, Superman, Justice League, Teen Titans and Batman B&B. Their future series Young Justice and Green Lantern should only expand on that success.

I wonder what’s better. To have a successful movie or TV series? A movie you see it once and then you move it on, series you build an audience I think that might go seek out comics afterwards for more.

More Superman/Batman Apocalypse News, Including Casting » DVDs Worth Watching writes:  

[…] Now that news of September’s Superman/Batman: Apocalypse animated film has leaked, Warner today sent out the official announcement […]


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