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Tokyopop is looking for costume pictures to include in their september release of Hetalia. It’s a manga, originally a webcomic, in which various countries become characters for historical satire. It’s reportedly got a large fan following already.

12 cosplay winners will have their photos included in the book. Oddly, there’s no mention of whether they’re going to print in color, which I think would matter. Black-and-white reproductions may not show off detail.

To enter, you have to post your photo to both Flickr and Facebook (ick). I don’t care much about the contest — although I find it fascinating that a publisher is encouraging scanlations in this way. After all, how will you know what the costume looks like that you’re copying/homaging if you haven’t already read the book? So by definition, their winners will have already been familiar with a book not yet published in the U.S.

It’s also interesting that the prize is giving Tokyopop free content. They don’t even offer to send you a copy of the book that your photo will be published in! That’s cheap.

But I am looking forward to reading the story, which I hear good things about. Anyone know any more to recommend/dissuade me?


  1. Actually, I think it’s a little ingenious. It makes fans more aware of the Tokyopop release and gives them incentive to buy it if their photos or their friends photos are inside.

    I’m sure the winners will get some Tokyopop swag in the end. They have a lot of merch around for their tour.

  2. If you can appreciate Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei, then I think you will appreciate this.

    In that in veers between offensive and extremely intelligent from issue to issue. And I have to say, I find the Japanese pop culture take on the Allies and Axis and what their roles were to be fascinating.

  3. Yeah, that’s the part that sounds really interesting, Lynn. I’m looking forward to checking it out.

  4. […] is already well-known among the fan community (as illustrated by how many cosplay characters), many of whom have likely read it online already without paying. So putting out the digital […]

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