Darn, Motion Comics Aren’t Dead Yet: Buffy Season 8, Black Panther Yanked

I had thought, after not hearing of any new motion comics since last year, that the unholy hybrid of comic panels and limited animation had died out like the fad it was.

Unfortunately, this week’s Comic-Con-focused issue of Entertainment Weekly brings the news that Dark Horse is turning their Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Eight into a motion comic that will cover the first 19 issues. It launches on iTunes this week with a DVD to follow later this year.

If you really want to own some examples now, Warner Archive offers several as made-to-order DVDs, or the best-known example is cheap if you buy it used.

Update: Upon further reflection, it makes perfect sense to find a way to put new Buffy stories by creator Joss Whedon on DVD in some fashion, because that’s where the core audience is used to seeing his stories. I’m still not a fan of the format, but in this case, Dark Horse would be silly not to do it.

Update 2: In other motion comic news, Robot6 reports that Marvel has removed the Black Panther motion comic from outlets where it was previously available. They speculate

the company may not have had the rights to digitally distribute the 12-episode “Who Is the Black Panther?”, which was produced in partnership with BET Networks.

The series was originally supposed to air on BET last year but never did.

4 Responses to “Darn, Motion Comics Aren’t Dead Yet: Buffy Season 8, Black Panther Yanked”

  1. Thad Says:

    Any word on casting? Would be nice if he brought the original cast in to record, but given their schedules and usual salaries that seems unlikely. (Of course, people have worked for peanuts with Whedon just on principle before, but this is no Dr. Horrible.)

    Wonder if this could have any impact on Serenity. Whedon’s said before that he’s uncomfortable continuing the story in comics because of how important the cast was — and of course now he’s backed down from that and is releasing Book’s backstory as a comic.

  2. Johanna Says:

    Filling in backstory isn’t the same as new adventures going forward, so I don’t see those statements as necessarily contradictory. I haven’t enjoyed all of the Serenity comics because so much of the appeal for me was the cast, so I support that point.

    I don’t know about casting, that’s a good question. I suspect, as you do, that it’s unlikely to get the originals.

  3. James Schee Says:

    Nope not the originals. You can download a preview for free, and the first issue (episode?) is up now for $1.99 on Itunes. Different voices for the entire cast it appears.

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