It’s Fumi Yoshinaga Week!

Melinda Beasi at Manga Bookshelf had the lovely idea of having a Fumi Yoshinaga Week this week. So far she’s written about All My Darling Daughters, provided an overview of Yoshinaga’s boys’ love titles, and written a wonderful appreciation of the Flower of Life series.

I’m afraid I’m too swamped to have anything new to add, but I have covered most of Yoshinaga’s work previously in these reviews:


  1. […] Johanna Draper Carlson from Comics Worth Reading […]

  2. […] already reviewed most of her books, including explicit yaoi, tamer boys’ love, school soap opera, restaurant […]

  3. […] possible to sell short story collections based on the creator’s name, at least one that has a lengthy track record of U.S. publications. The book is promoted as great comics for adult readers, not just […]

  4. […] I wanted to see it so much that when a work colleague went to Japan, I requested he find the first volume, untranslated, for me. That’s it in the picture below, showing how the American version is slighter bigger, a nicer size in my opinion. (And everything’s bigger in the U.S.!) I’m really glad I can now understand what everyone’s saying … and cooking! I’m very thankful Vertical released it (their first Fumi Yoshinaga title). […]

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