Friends of Lulu Saved!

The call for help Friends of Lulu President Valerie D’Orazio posted last week worked! An interim Board of Directors has been assembled. (Interestingly, it appears that 2, maybe 3, of the 4 volunteers are male, which I have no problem with — the group needs committed workers right now who believe in the message.)

Also, the Friends of Lulu Awards will continue later this year, which I’m thrilled to hear.

A particular comic convention has generously offered use of their space to hold the Lulu Awards, as well as a panel. They have also offered us a table at the Con. When this deal becomes final and official, we will make a big announcement.

I’m guessing this would be the New York show? SPX and Baltimore also are yet to be held this year, but they each already have an awards program associated.

7 Responses to “Friends of Lulu Saved!”

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  2. Kynn Says:

    Hi, Johanna —

    I don’t identify as male any more.


  3. Johanna Says:

    Sorry, no offense intended, just trying to indicate that I couldn’t tell whether “Kynn” was a male or female name.

    Wait, are you the Kynn I knew from Legion fandom almost 20 years ago? If so, small world!

  4. Kynn Says:

    Yup, that’s me. How you been?

  5. Johanna Says:

    Oh, can’t complain. Congrats to you for stepping forward to help FoL!

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