Smbitten Gorgeous Webcomic

Melanie Gillman, as part of her mini-thesis work at The Center for Cartoon Studies, is creating “a 60-70 page, all colored pencil, hand-stitched minicomic novella, about a certain mythical creature and a certain minority sexuality that I’ve been dropping hints about for the past several weeks.” (Hint: The comic’s tag is “lesbian vampires”.) It’s called Smbitten, and I’m blown away by the gorgeous coloring, as well as the fun historical setting and the joy of her characters when they dance.

Smbitten dance scene

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    […] young webcomic creators, Melanie Gillman. I’ve talked before how much I enjoy her comic Smbitten, and now I own the print copies. Which are hand-stitched with pearl trim! If Billage, the student, […]

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    […] historical lesbian vampire graphic novel, is now available online from the artist. I’ve talked before how much I enjoyed it. It’s the story of a mismatched couple, a girl who just wants to dance, […]




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