Friends of Lulu Done and Gone

No one should be surprised after the news earlier this month that Friends of Lulu, the non-profit organization dedicated to getting more girls and women involved in comics, officially lost its non-profit status, but I have just heard from one of the interim group Directors that the group is “pretty much dead”. I’m not surprised, although I was hopeful something could be saved from the ruins the previous president left behind.

No official announcement will be made. I have asked about plans for the group’s archives, but no answer is available yet.

I suppose the argument can be made that the group was a relic of another time, both in terms of the classic feminist approach and formed during a very different comic industry. In a period where manga and webcomics and graphic novels are economically viable, where no one has to be dependent on the older direct market/corporate comic system, where women and girls of all interests are finding each other on the internet, is a group like Friends of Lulu still needed?

7 Responses to “Friends of Lulu Done and Gone”

  1. Ray Cornwall Says:

    Dave Sim will be relieved.

  2. Heidi M. Says:

    I hope whoever has the archives will consider donating them to Ohio State or some other institution.

  3. Sue (DCWKA) Says:

    This is sad news. While I agree there are many more opportunities for female creators in comics, given the lack of female creators in the New DCU 52, I’d say the organization or one like is still needed. I hope some other organization or publication can take on the Kim Yale award. One, I’d like to Kim’s memory live on and 2)I think award put the spotlight on some exciting new female creators.

  4. Dwight Williams Says:

    Agreed. That’s one legacy that ought to live on as a positive challenge to the talent and the industry alike.

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