Captain America (1990 DVD) Trailer
July 2, 2011

As I previously mentioned, the 1990 Captain America is coming to DVD on July 19.

Captain America and Sharon

Matt Salinger as Our Hero with Kim Gillingham as Sharon

Captain America to the rescue

Captain America to the rescue

Scott Paulin as the Red Skull

Scott Paulin as the Red Skull

In case you’ve never seen (or don’t recall) this valiant attempt at bringing a Marvel superhero to … well, it ended up going direct to video with poor reviews, here’s the trailer. But now, it just might be goofy enough to enjoy.

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Jim Kosmicki writes:  

this is the one where they put rubber ears on the outside of the mask, if i remember correctly. I saw this once, and believe it or not, someone stole it from the local video store, so I could never watch it again to see how it fit my memories. It was goofy and cheap, but still miles better than the two Reb Brown made-for-TV movies from my childhood.

Grant writes:  

Today and tomorrow on the SyFy channel they’re showing both of the Captain America TV Movies from the 70s with Reb Brown followed by the Matt Sallinger Cap movie. It’s preceeded by a marathon of Greatest American Hero.

Captain America (Re-Released 1992 Edition) » DVDs Worth Watching writes:  

[…] only extra on the disc is the trailer. It’s under two minutes, and it’s remarkably dark, sometimes so much it’s hard to […]


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