Kevin Keller Gets Married; Life With Archie More Progressive Than Many States

Although I was wondering about the future of Life With Archie magazine, it looks like they’ll be around for at least four more months.

Life With Archie #16 cover

Archie has just announced that an older version of their popular Kevin Keller character will be appearing in Life With Archie, and in issue #16 (due out January 2012), Kevin’s getting married to his “Mr. Right”. As suggested in the currently running Kevin Keller miniseries (in the Veronica comic beginning with issue #207), Kevin joined the military and “is returning to Riverdale as a war hero”.

Written by Paul Kupperberg, the 64-page comic retails for $4.99 US. As with all the LWA characters, he’ll be drawn (by some combination of Fernando Ruiz, Pat Kennedy, Tim Kennedy, Al Milgrom, and Bob Smith) as twenty-something, not teenaged. Surprisingly to me, the Fox News website posted some relatively even-handed coverage. Contrasting quotes from their article:

“I think it’s great that the reality of America’s loving couples are being portrayed in as many places as possible,” said Evan Wolfson, the founder and president of Freedom to Marry, a national movement for marriage equality. “We all want to be part of family and community — that’s what marriage is about,” he said.

“It’s unfortunate that a comic book series usually seen as depicting innocent, all-American life is now being used to advance the sexual revolution,” said Peter Spriggs, a senior fellow at the Family Research Council, a Washington, D.C.-based lobbying organization promoting Christian views. “I think whatever boost in sales might come from the novelty or curiosity factors will be more than offset by the number of both kids and parents who will be turned off by this storyline and its obvious social and political agenda,” he said.

Wow, who would have thought art, even commercial art, would have an agenda? Note that Mr. Spriggs has obviously never read an issue of Life With Archie, which is far from innocent. It’s currently tackling rumors of marital infidelity, for one thing. And I do wish that such people wouldn’t claim the label “Christian” only for their limited, intolerant views. It gives the caring believers a bad name.

One last thought: I’m assuming that that cover shown, distributed with Archie’s press release, is a temp one, since I would hope that Kevin and his husband would be shown on the cover of their issue.

17 Responses to “Kevin Keller Gets Married; Life With Archie More Progressive Than Many States”

  1. Mike Conway Says:

    If they really wanted to push the envelope, they could show Archie in a poly relationship with Betty and Veronica (and maybe Veronica could have both Archie and Reggie).

    Still, it’s great that they’re including Kevin in the marriage stories.

  2. Thad Says:

    I love that monogamous marriage is being described as part of “the sexual revolution”.

  3. mm23 Says:

    Standing for the truth is not intolerance. Sin is sin, and it doesn’t matter how you repackage it or try to normalize it. Man doesn’t know more than God, and we cannot redefine what he created. Marriage is ONE MAN, ONE WOMAN, and that is all it will ever be.

    And look in the mirror before you talk intolerance. Gays are just as guilty of it. Look at the harassment and mocking and sometimes physical behavior toward those who disagree. If people want tolerance, they must GIVE tolerance as well. It’s not “be tolerant only if you agree with the other person’s view”. Christians speak against the perversion of gay relationships because of an awareness of what the truth really is, the higher dangers of the gay lifestyle and a desire to get the truth out no matter how unpopular it is. It is done out of love and a desire to lead people to the truth of God’s forgiveness, not hate or intolerance or anything of the sort.

  4. mm23 Says:

    and PS, the states that are still defending marriage are the ones to be applauded, not the ones sliding downhill and embracing perversion.

  5. Johanna Says:

    Go peddle your bigotry somewhere else. Those same “Christians” who now preach against love and commitment and equal marriage rights, 50 years ago they were telling us how much of a sin it was for blacks and whites to marry. If marriage is “one man, one woman”, you have to write Abraham (two wives) and a bunch of other patriarchs out of your “Christian” history.

    It’s a loser argument, too, to tell us we have to be tolerant of your intolerance. Sorry, no. What a forked tongue you have, to speak of your approach being driven by “love” at the same time you’re using judgmental words like “perversion”. If truth is so all-fired important to you, you wouldn’t be trying to harm and condemn those who are as God made them. Or are they supposed to live a lie to make you feel better?

  6. Mike Conway Says:

    “Marriage is ONE MAN, ONE WOMAN, and that is all it will ever be.” Chapter and verse, please. Show where it states it specifically and explicitly.

    Also point out how the Bible reconciles the “one man, one woman” idea with all the Old Testament marriages where a man had quite a few wives and some concubines and God was all right with that. Explain also the marriage between David and Jonathan (covenant is the word for marriage). All these polygamous marriages and a gay relationship, and God called these His people.

  7. Mike Conway Says:

    Also, mm23, marriage is more than just a piece of paper.

  8. William George Says:

    Why people dedicate their lives to a book of fairy tales is beyond me… but the Family Research Council are a well known hate group and people should stop giving them the chance to be heard and start ignoring them for being the idiots they are.

  9. Kenn Says:

    So Kevin will be the first character to marry before ever even dating? If only the Government would get out of the marriage business altogether, we could finally stop seeing gay men portrayed as 1950s characters, with nothing on their minds but marriage and the military. Oh, and thanks, Archie Comics, for spoiling the miniseries for us by revealing the military choice Kevin makes for himself.

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  11. Suzene Says:

    Darn those intolerant gays! Why can’t they just take their oppression with gentle good humor?

  12. Suzene Says:

    Drat, could you break the link above, please, Johanna? I forgot that my Tumblr isn’t always safe for work (that particular post is, but the front page is only a click away).

  13. Johanna Says:

    Kenn, LWA doesn’t spoil the miniseries — it’s just one alternate future. Since we don’t know as much yet about Kevin as we do about the other characters, they have to take off from what we do know already. I suspect the current-day story won’t be so specific. But interesting point you make about the roles not moving along as fast as some would like to see.

    Suzene, I changed the link to another blog with the same cartoon. I didn’t want to lose it because I love it! What a great use of comics to make a point, with humor even. Thanks for sharing it.

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  15. Kuki Says:

    to Johanna, (specifically comment #5)
    You’ve managed to gracefully, and wholly put into words what those of us who wish to adequately state our feelings of opposition in an educated and well-conducted manor to mm23; Thank You Kindly for this. No response is needed, just please know that if your excerpt paints an accurate picture of your linguistics skills, than you would make an excellent author, like William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, or Franz Kafka even!
    Also, you must be firmiliar with the saying “forgive me for writing a long letter, I had not time to write a short one.” -unknown

  16. Kuki Says:

    Also, to Mike Conway (specifically comment #6)
    Thank You for shedding that light onto those who read your comment, I had no idea there were polygamist and homosexual betrothals between God’s people in the bible; I’ll have to look into this some more. But once again, very bright and sharp rebuttle c: thank you once again for your insight!

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