New UltraViolet Digital Copies Annoying Some Customers
October 29, 2011

Green Lantern was the second home video release to carry the UltraViolet cloud-based authentication system for providing digital copies across devices. (Horrible Bosses is the first; both came out the same week, but HB was on Tuesday and GL on Friday.) When I tried UltraViolet, I first had a complete failure, but once my Flixster account was reset, I found the process smooth and easy (aside from having to install yet another application and set up yet another username and password).

My experience hasn’t been shared, with various complaints at that link and in the comments to my review. Many people are upset that they can’t continue using iTunes, since Apple isn’t part of the consortium behind UV. (You can use an iPod or iPad if you go through the Flixster app, apparently. Other major names not participating: Disney and Amazon.) Other users have issues in creating or connecting the two accounts required: Flixster (bought by Warner last May) and UltraViolet, with some technical support of one blaming the other and leaving the customer in limbo.

Currently, only Warner supports the UV system, although Sony will debut its use with the release of The Smurfs on December 2. AP coverage points out that the launch

had a soft start… as Warner Bros. released Horrible Bosses without many of the hoped-for partnerships in place. Several movie studios had intended to launch the UltraViolet system with an array of retailers and gadget makers to form an interconnected web of shared commerce. … In reality, a back-end system to allow such seamless viewing across devices hasn’t been created. The early version of UltraViolet lives inside a walled garden that is owned entirely by one movie studio — in this case, Warner Bros.

Unless you’re very handy with your laptop, there’s no easy way to watch these digital copies on TVs yet — no set-top boxes or game systems support UV — but since the codes are still tied to the purchase of physical media, that’s not a huge hurdle. But as the AP article points out,

So far, studios have had trouble forging partnerships with cable TV operators, online retailers, and other companies that serve up digital movie copies. One problem is that potential partners might have to bear the expense of streaming films to customers without getting the revenue from the initial sale.

Warner is making the codes available on any DVD or Blu-ray purchase going forward, with the plan, eventually, being to skip the need for the plastic discs and just sell UV codes to grant customers access to films. No word yet as to whether that means getting rid of the extras (commentaries, featurettes) that make purchases attractive to buyers like me.

UltraViolet logo

Another downside for consumers: time limitation. The small print on the GL copy I have says that UV access is good for three years. After that point, who knows what happens — the virtual movie just disappears from my “library”?

In the bigger picture, purchases of physical media (such as Blu-ray) are declining. Digital download sales are increasing, but their market increase is only 10% of the physical drop. Customers are believed to be rejecting the idea that you have to rebuy your content on a new system or device, wanting the interoperability that UltraViolet aims to provide.

However, it appears that there’s already a major problem with the system from the studio perspective. A market in selling UltraViolet codes sprang up quickly, with access going for as little as 99 cents. That’s about the same price to rent from Redbox. From a consumer perspective, viewing a movie should cost about a dollar; from a studio perspective, that’s much too devalued, when they sell they own download copies for $15 and the Blu-rays for $35-40.

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Johanna writes:  

If I was a shill, I’d be doing a much better job. :) Instead of, you know, telling people I agree with them that they should be able to get the format they prefer and that I understand why they’d find the whole thing frustrating.

SimplyDisgusted writes:  

NO, it DOES NOT work for PC!! I don’t have an apple computer OR iPad, only iPhone. NOT everyone has all-Apple products!
The downloads DON’T PLAY for me, ONLY streaming.

***** Customer service for Ultraviolet stated in email they DON’T SUPPORT the downloads yet, ONLY the streaming! *****

Like I said, a rip-off & VERY misleading digital copy sale!!

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[…] several users have already complained about technical difficulties and at least one has noticed a fine-print time limitation of three years for digital access on her copy of Green Lantern. Studios aren’t necessarily […]

James Schee writes:  

Johanna’s no shill, she actually has a long time history being kind of anti-DRM for downloads and honestly I doubt she has very many downloaded movies because she’s a bit old fashioned.:)

I know when someone is frustrated you want someone to lash out to, but you’re kind of picking the wrong target here. This is just one of man movies, from many different studios she’s covered. I’m honestly a little concerned about Flixter myself as well. I got it to work on my IPad 2, but the 3 year thing is odd. Plus while I’m fairly sure ITunes will be around my entire life in some form or another. Flixter/UV.. eh who knows.

Johanna writes:  

Ha! It’s true, the only digital movies I have are those that came free with my DVDs or Blu-rays.

Streaming Bits: Sony Considering Launching Internet TV Service, Netflix … | Apps News Center writes:  

[…] several users have already complained about technical difficulties and at least one has noticed a fine-print time limitation of three years for digital access on her copy of Green Lantern. Studios aren’t necessarily […]

Ty writes:  

What’s the point of being able to downloading a movie that can only be watched on your computer. For me the appeal of a digital copy is being able to easily transfer it to any mobile device and watch it any time – without the need of a wi-fi connection (streaming). Now I know to avoid Flixter and Ultraviolet Digital Copy. Hate when companies try to reinvent the wheel and try to make it seem like they’re doing you a favor when all they’ve actually done is complicate or significantly restrict things.

Matt writes:  

I must admit the way UV is working is horrible. Making me download yet another application and then having to uses their POS app to watch it. This is definitly going to be returned to the store becuase I am not going to download more and more crap just to watch a movie that should be allowed for me to download. I also hate that they do not ask you where you want the movie to be stored. They just DL to wherever they want and not let you change this option. Whoever designed this should definitly be out of a job becuase not the smartest idea out there.

batista writes:  

Anything I have to buy and then see it ‘disappear’after a few years as opposed to never with ‘hard’ media…no thanks. Like buying a book and having someone show up a few years later and taking it back. People will probably fall for it though,the lemmings always do!

Tom writes:  

What a rip-off. Can’t download the digital copy to my PC and required to sign up for two accounts and passwords in the attempt.

Last time I’ll buy a movie that has this feature.

Met writes:  

What a bunch of crap! I was trying to download my first ultraviolet digital copy and am VERY annoyed to find out that I’m required to allow them to share my personal information in order to get what I already paid for. Now I find all your great comments about the 3 year limitation, the PC download doesn’t work and there’s no support for it, and there’s no iTunes version. I guess I won’t be wasting any more money on this bogus garbage.

KevinMitnick writes:  

Personally I hope to god this fails miserably. I get the impression they simply don’t want me to have a digital copy. I have some news for the studios. Your efforts are to control piracy. You are INCITING piracy by pulling this shit on PAYING customers. Do you want to give me the damned movie or not? Because if I pay you and all you give me is a bunch of bull****, then yes I WILL STEAL IT.
Bottom line. Perhaps you should focus on giving people what they bought.
Go back to discs and codes. I WANT THE MOVIE, that’s why I BOUGHT THE MOVIE. If buying the movie doesn’t get it for me, what the hell do you think my next step will be you unbelievable douchebags?

I MUST have an internet connection with my iPad to watch my digital “COPY”
more like “digital RENTAL” I hope you get class actioned on your terminology and at the very least have to have HUGE PRINT on the package
I am so sick of buying something off the shelf that says “DIGITAL COPY” and I’ve grown up since the inception of that stupid f***ing idea and it was a damned CD or VCD depending on who you are.. and a code…

You all can choke on your own market control as we with the money decided to KEEP IT IN OUR WALLET.. you think just because you’re in the entertainment industry you can’t piss off consumers… keep it up… that 15% you lose to piracy is going WAAAAAAAAAAY up.

more of the same writes:  

I get the impression that these studios really given the choice would not have us own anything that resembles a movie or a blu ray.
I say we all stop going to the movies, stop buying entertainment systems, stop buying dvd, bluray discs and just download our asses off for let’s say 6 months… maybe that would show these a**holes that it’s a much smarter move to give someone a disc with a movie on it that they can use how they want if they’ve paid for it.

Remember, we have the upper hand because they MUST invest HUNDEREDS of MILLIONS of dollars UP FRONT before getting a SINGLE DIME BACK.

Let 8 huge movies TANK and then they will get the picture REALLY F***ING QUICK….

“Hmmm?? Hey Frank, I just lost a whole yacht this quarter, maybe we should give these proles an actual digital copy like we used to… what ya think?”

Johanna writes:  

Newspaper coverage suggests that this plan, and others dealing with digital copies, have come about because people have stopped buying DVDs and Blu-rays at the same rate they once did. The studios feel they have to figure out how to get back to those levels of profit.

Ben writes:  

I can believe that people aren’t buying the DVDs as they once did but don’t screw my over in the process of getting their act together. Nothing beats a bluesy DVD. As we on here know its as crisp of a picture you can get. However, I do love the fact the digital copies are transferred to my iTunes and can be played on all of my Apple devices. The Ultraviolet is just crap and should be done completely away with.

sara writes:  

I got my Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 dvd and it came with ultraviolet thing. I can’t download the movie to my pc! It sucks!! I don’t own an IPad or an Iphone! now what?! I want to have my digital copy like the rest of my movies! ugh! I hate this!! >:(

Mnchkty writes:  

You mean I can’t get it on DVD to watch on my TV ???? How stoopid is that? Not everyone “streams”.

Eric writes:  

I don’t know if they’re doing it with all the other UVDC films, but with HP7-2, if you go to the UV support site: http://support.ultraviolet.flixster.com/ and submit a support ticket, you can get an iTunes download code in exchange for your UVDC code. Just tell them you don’t want to sign up for a Flixster account at this time and would prefer to get the movie in the format that the other seven movies are in. You’ll need to tell them your UVDC code.

I think it would be more telling to see the stats on the number of people who actually utilize their UVDC code vs how many submitted support requests to get the iTunes version.

SimplyDisgusted writes:  

I also ended up receiving iTunes code to get the Green Lantern movie since my PC download refused to play (& brings up message of “unavailable” & to contact customer service every time I tried)…and also decided to use iTunes to get Harry Potter Deathly Hallows P2 rather than buying the BD digital bundle.
Basically what this shows me is that unless they change how they are handling the movie formats, I will NEVER again buy any movie that has the Ultra Violet on it. Besides, having an expiration date of 3 yrs or whatever, makes it like a loan/long rental. That is NOT the point of buying digital copies. Creating a library? Then make them not work once the time is up? What kind of library IS that?
Nor do I (or most people I think) buy a digital copy just to “stream”….Especially people that have caps on their bandwidth/internet use!
I still stick to my opinion that this is NOT good business sense!

Russ writes:  

Got ‘Stupid Crazy Love’ at Redbox for $1 yesterday. Did what I needed to do and now I can watch it on iTunes and saved $24 from not buying it. $1 more and I can buy a $25 iTunes gift card to use for something else. Good marketing UltraViolet.

BDD writes:  

I’ll echo previous responses… UltraViolet is worthless garbage. If I pay for a digital copy, give me the f***ing digital copy.

BDD writes:  

By the way, I just saw a commercial for the Blu-Ray release of The Hangover 2, which comes with… you guessed it, Ultraviolet digital copy. Bull****.

Johanna writes:  

Of course all their new releases will use this plan. They’re not going to change course this quickly. It will take significant sales differences to make them change, and maybe not even then, depending on how committed they are to it, given their investment.

Russ, you do know that you just admitted to illegal behavior here, right? Ripping a rented DVD to make your own digital copy violates copyright law. I know a ton of people do it, but you might want to be more circumspect in what you say you’re doing.

Russ writes:  

Johanna-good point but I didn’t say I copied it. I watched the movie, liked it and bought it on iTunes.

Johanna writes:  

Oh, that’s good. I would hate for someone to get in trouble just for expressing their opinion. :)

Robert Sundin writes:  

This new Ultra Violet “format” is Bull****. I’m taking the MULTIPLE DVDs purchased as gifts back to Best Buy. If they can’t guide me through how to easily utilize this Ultra crap, I’m going for a refund and deleting Flixster from my computer.

Netflix screwed the pooch and lost my business. Don’t have any problem with Flixster going the same route!

One very frustrated and angry consumer. WHAT AN ABSOLUTE RIPOFF! Just sell me a Blue Ray with a digital copy and I’ll be happy again.

JP - Parent writes:  

Leaving a comment here, in the hopes that Warner, Sony, and others are using web analytics and tracking what their consumers think about the products they are offering.

I basically buy every kids DVD that is released. I have 2 boys (5/8) and they watch these things over and over on our iPad and computer. I have pretty much gotten to the point that I will not purchase without the digital copy. I like both the iTunes and Windows media player version.

I recently purchased a DVD (latest Harry Potter) and it came with this Ultra Violet Flixster option. I don’t like it and will not purchase another DVD that does not offer me a digital copy that I can use with iTunes.

I don’t care that I can install this app on my laptop and iPad (which I did and the whole process took much longer than the iTunes auth code approach I have come to enjoy.

It also means that I need to teach my 5 year old that has to load this flixster app for some movies, and then into the “movies” app for everything. Not a learning problem, I just find it annoying.

Also, it seems that for my iPhone, I can’t have the moving actually downloaded there…seems a streaming option only… another annoying piece. (maybe this isn’t the case, but I don’t want to have to spend time figuring it out – I have flixster on my iPhone (love it for when DVDs are going to be released and getting movie times…but that is it)

Today, I went to buy Smurfs. I woud have purchased it, but it is UV digital copy…so I did not. I am hoping there are a lot of consumers like me that will only purchase with the digital copy (a real one that works on the apps I want)….and their sales drop through the floor until they offer the option for iTunes or WMP. I would be willing to pay a few more bucks for what I want, but not going to pay for junk I don’t.

jclarke1839 writes:  

Ultra Violet is a bunch of crap. I bought smurfs for the kids and can’t download it to my iTunes. I feel as if I was ripped off. I buy every kids movie that comes out but I will not buy movies that come with UV.

Evert writes:  

UV is completely worthless being a traveling sales person. I too will never ever buy another movie with UV, never. Fooled me once (hangover2), and I got fooled by the teenage punk working at BestBuy who told me it will transfer to mobile media, never fool me again. I am an iPad user and having the movie with me is at the core of what the iPad/iPhone means to me. You can shove this technology right up your…

gramma R writes:  

I’m just a gramma who wants to buy a plain ole’ DVD for my grandsons.

IF I get one with UV, can’t we just ignore that and enjoy the DVD? The DVD won’t disappear on us, will it? Does anybody sell just plain ole’ DVDs anymore?

Nobody’s wanting to watch this on anything but their TV, right now.

Help. Feeling old and dumb.

BobBob writes:  

What a joke. Why are we such suckers when it comes to this stuff!?

James writes:  

I’m too old, or just don’t have a need for any kind of portable media, yet. Plus I can’t fancy watching an epic action or sci-fi flick on a hand-held device! So basically I’ll just probably give those enclosed UV code sheets away to someone. If a lot of other people give or sell them, isn’t that (potentially) just one lost sale for the company?

In fact my “Green Lantern” dvd is on it’s way already, so I have an extra HP Pt. 2 and a GL soon I have no use for!

Saqib writes:  

Point of note: UV is not yet available in the UK or Canada, so here’s what I’m doing – buying stuff from amazon.ca as that way I get the digital copy on iTunes. Easy.

UltraViolet Is Crap writes:  

I’ve never used such a piece of dog dodo in my life. The interface is just horrible and navigation is not intuative at all. And the movies don’t play nor can I easily add new digital movies I’ve purchased.

I’ve gotten to a point that I’m just not excited to get a digital copy along with my BluRay purchase anymore, since UltraViolet has raised it’s ugly face.

What was wrong with the way it was before when I down loaded my digital copy from ITunes? That seems to work just fine. Who came up with piece of crap?

Tammy writes:  

I am not happy at all I paid more for the movie to have digital copy. and there is a time limit on something that I have purchased not rented and I have decided to not purchase any more warner brothers DVD, Blu-ray especialy with digital down loads, in my opinion this is false and missleading aswell as theft.

Rukiding writes:  

Ok, doesn’t work on my Mac or PC…have to sign up for UV first then Sony UV next. Not possible to sign up at Sony as the link doesnt take you anywhere…this is a bad platform and misleading. Also every time you want to watch the movie you are always having to stream data…this is crazy and costing consumers more money then worth. Truly a bad idea….

The Year So Far at Comics Worth Reading » Comics Worth Reading writes:  

[…] New UltraViolet Digital Copies Annoying Some Customers — 86 comments, which makes it 13th overall in this blog’s history; that number is likely due to ranking high on Google when people search for help or a place to complain […]

Russ writes:  

Why am I getting e-mails about a new comment about UV but all it is is some losers babbling about web hosting plans? If they are trying to get people to try whatever crap they’re yakking about, this is the absolute wrong way to go about it. Personally, I avoid dumbass people like this and will NEVER try or even look at the junk they’re babbling about. Is anyone else getting e-mails about new comments but all it is is socially retarded dorks spamming us?

Johanna writes:  

I’ve deleted the spammers and put the word “h*sting” in the spam filter, so hopefully that will stop them.

Russ writes:  

Thank you Johanna. Did you just do this because I received a couple of spams from them already today?

Johanna writes:  

When I saw it was becoming a pattern, not just a one-off attack, I stepped up the response.

Polly writes:  

I want too echo a lot of the comments on here too. I don’t like Ultraviolet myself. I would rather download them into one player rather than having several installed on my computer just to play some proprietary movie. Makes it harder to keep track of which movies you have. The only digital copies I have are the ones which came with the dvds/blurays. I realize that these vendors will think that you will be so enamored with your digital copies that you will want to download something else from their store. However, I can’t see paying full price for some digital copy of a movie that can only be played on one particular computer. I would rather download all of my digital movies into itunes, which is not supported by Ultraviolet.

I can’t even figure out how to download the Ultraviolet movies to my PC. I installed their stupid flixster collections software, but can seem to figure out what to do next. The download link from the Ultraviolet account wants to keep downloading their software, but not the movie.

Download your movie with Flixster Collections
To complete your download, we’ll need to …
Install Adobe AIR (if not already installed)
Install the Flixster Collections App (if not already installed)
Download your movie
(Limit of five downloads per movie)

By the way, one discussion board I found mentioned emailing customer support to get an itunes download code.

SimplyDisgusted writes:  

I was getting bunches of spam crap messages for the past week – attached to my emails from here.
(for “followup comments”)
So I had to unsubscribe from this thread/site :(

Polly writes:  

I found the following support link for download an Ultraviolet movie to your PC.

You can download and play your UltraVioletTM movie or TV show on computers (Mac or PC) via the Flixster Collections application.
Downloading your UltraViolet movie or TV show to your PC or Mac requires:

Adobe AIR, a third-party application that allows you to download content from the Internet.
Flixster Collections, an application that allows you to view, organize, and share movies and TV shows on your computer.

You will be prompted to install these applications the first time you download a movie.

(Both Flixster Collections and Adobe Air are free to download and use.)
To download your movie to Flixster Collections, follow these two steps:

Step 1: Download from ultraviolet.flixster.com/collection
Step 2: Watch from Flixster Collections

However, the directions don’t work for me. I have both Adobe Air and Flixster Collections installed, and it still prompts me to install Flixster Collections. I haven’t tried rebooting yet, but I shouldn’t have too for it to know these programs are installed. I previously had Adobe Air installed because Vudu required Adobe Air. I don’t like the playback in Vudu as it is jerky.

The Cowboys And Aliens movie at least had a code which worked in both itunes and Ultraviolet. However it was through Universal Studios rather than Warner Brothers. I wish Warner Brothers would do the same thing.

In regards to the Ultraviolet movies having an expiration date after entering the code for the Ultraviolet movie, I wasn’t aware you couldn’t access it for ever and ever. Thanks for the heads up on that. I was disappointed when I got 10 free digital comics for the X-Men First Class movie, and found out that I could download them. Moreover, I also found out that access expired after about 10 months or so.

Polly writes:  

Finally getting some moves to download to the Flixster Collections app on my PC, but still waiting from Flixster on my support tickets. Have several tickets for different movies. Seeing if they will send me an itunes code. Haven’t even received any robot confirmation they received my support ticket.

Tried streaming a movie over my broadband connection, and quality was very poor. The movie was like I was looking at stills of it with the audio playing in the background. Almost like I was watching a slideshow.

Tried playing when of the downloaded movies in the Flixster Collections App on my PC. Seemed to play fine, but had a few hiccups in the beginning. Only played a few minutes of the movie though to check out how it played. Still not sold on Ultraviolet due to the user experience. I think these companies need to remember the KISS principal when it comes to user experience: Keep It Simple Stupid.

Polly writes:  

Played a few more movies for about 5 minutes to check playback, which seemed choppy in 2x mode. One of the movies seemed to do a little better in full screen mode. Vudu uses Adobe Air too, and playback was choppy for me with their system. The itune movies I have don’t seem to suffer from the choppiness.

I noticed their does not seem to be a way to set where downloaded movies are stored on a person’s computer. I have an external drive which I like to use for my downloaded digital copies as it is much bigger than that on my laptop. The Flixster Collections App really needs to have a feature to save where downloaded movies are stored. I don’t want to be filling up the hard drive on my laptop with movies.

I found the following knowledge base article on downloading and deleting movies.

If I download a movie and delete it, can I download it again?
Last Updated: Nov 30, 2011 02:29PM PST
You can download any movie in your UltraViolet account to a maximum of five different devices. If you download a movie and delete it, you can download it again on that specific device without counting against the five you are allowed.

Polly writes:  

One of the movies I downloaded the playback was choppy at the 2x screen mode. However the audio and video were out of sync when I went to full screen mode.

I noticed that you have to be logged in on Flixster Collections App if you want to play the downloaded movies. Could be a problem if you don’t have an Internet connection. If I have a movie downloaded to my computer, I shouldn’t have to log in so that I can view it on that computer. Flixster Collections appears to want to phone home according to my firewall. However, it doesn’t seem to affect the playback of the movie if you don’t let Flixster Collections access the Internet.

Still no word from Flixster support. Could possibly be due to the Christmas holiday. Seems kind of crappy considering that lots of people will get movies for Christmas with Ultraviolet content. These people will want support when they have trouble trying to access their Ultraviolet digital copies.

I don’t recommend getting a movie with Ultraviolet digital copy on it. If I knew what Ultraviolet truly was, I wouldn’t have bought these movies. However, some were bought on Black Friday when stores were offering deep discounts on movies. The Ultraviolet format has quite a few kinks to work out. From what I have seen of DRM in general, it is for the birds even though I understand that the studios are only trying to protect their property.

Polly writes:  

Hmmm. All the Ultraviolet movies downloaded to my laptop via Flixster Collections appear to be just rentals. That sucks. I thought they were a digital copy — not a digital rental. If these are just digital rentals, then why did I waste all that bandwidth trying to download them. I bought the movies because I thought they were digital copies using the Ultraviolet format. I really didn’t need another player installed on my computer just to play some proprietary crap.

I even downloaded the free Christmas episode of Flintstones season 5. Played it briefly to make sure the download worked. Tried to access it in the morning less than 12 hours later, and it wouldn’t play. Not happy about that.

The general consensus among Internet users is that Ultraviolet sucks. Not everyone is around an Internet connection all the time considering lots of devices are now mobile. Not all areas of the country have broadband and connections are limited if a person is traveling. I know of people in the country who can’t get dial-up or satellite internet where they live. Some who are able to get dial-up only get 24k or 10k speeds depending on how far away they are from the trunk. I have lived in these areas is how I know. Satellite Internet is expensive, and you pay for the bandwidth. Download a few movies and you can actually kill your connection for the next 30 days depending you your plan. Hollywood made a bad assumption when they assumed everyone had complete access to broadband. I have even used public wi-fi connections. Some of these can be flaky, and tend to bog down if a lot of people are on them. Especially if those people are hogging the bandwidth such as people playing Facebook games. Even on a tethered connection, Facebook games can slow the connection down. Moreover, ISP’s don’t like it when people are constantly hogging the bandwidth. Some ISP’s even resort to throttling down a person’s connection speed if they hog it too much.

Polly writes:  

Just found on a different discussion board where Flixster collections stores the movies on your computer.

I couldn’t find this in the Flixster knowledge base. They sure don’t make it easy to find things.


You can even change the format the movie is stored in. By default it is in quicktime. The default folder where movies are saved is My Documents > My Videos. Change the settings from default by going to account > account settings in the Flixster Collections App. Click on the right arrow on the right side of the app in order to see the preferences column where you can change the default format and where the movies are saved.

By the way, I still haven’t heard from Flixster Support. Might have to send them another support ticket.

Polly writes:  

Been playing around with the Flixster Collections App. There is a way to play the movies you downloaded offline. In the upper righthand corner click on Account > Go Offline. You will then have access to all the movies you downloaded without having to be online. When you are ready to go back online just click on Account > Go Online. I noticed that Flixster Collections wanted to try and access the Internet even while in the Offline mode.

The movies seem to play a little better in offline mode than they did in online mode; although, some still were a little choppy. One movie I looked at still had the video and audio out of sync. The download could be corrupted. Harry Potter 7 Part 2 had an annoying loading symbol in the middle of the screen as you were watching the movie. Maybe the App needs to do a better job of buffering. Who knows.

Guess what? Still haven’t heard from Flixster support. Guess I’ll have to submit another ticket.


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