Tokyopop Returns With Hetalia 3

After ceasing as a publisher a year ago, Tokyopop started making noises last September about bringing back one of their most popular titles, Hetalia.

Hetalia Volume 3

Now, in conjunction with online retailer, comes the actual announcement.

Right Stuf announced that, through a special arrangement with Japanese publisher Gentosha Comics and TOKYOPOP, it will be offering manga fans the opportunity to purchase Hetalia Axis Powers, Volume 3, in English-translated book form for the first time ever, as well as reprints of the manga series’ first two volumes, exclusively through Volume 3 will be available in late June 2012, while Volumes 1 and 2 are each available immediately.

I guess those Amazon sellers asking $50 or $100 for the first two books in the series should enjoy those high prices while they last. The books are available for $10.99 each via Right Stuf’s print-on-demand program, although they list that as a discount off the $15.99 “suggested retail price”.

It’s a good thing that such a reputable retailer as Right Stuf is involved in this project, because Tokyopop is on my “I don’t believe a thing they say until I hold a book in my hand” list. Just look at how long ago they were teasing this effort, spending over six months with nothing to show for their promotion. To sweeten the deal further, only preorders will get the first edition of Volume 3, which comes with eight color pages. Later printings will have those pages in black and white.


  1. Since Rightstuf is the one putting this out, this is the *only* reason I’m even remotely optimistic. I’m so tired of Stu Levy’s attention-grabbing antics. I’m hoping this will lead to other unfinished TP titles getting POD status.

  2. I wonder what this means for our hopes of an English volume 4?

    Honestly, considering my doubts of the license getting picked up again, I’m just happy to see this thing in English print in any form. I really do hope Tokyopop finishes Hetalia’s run and leaves it at that. I don’t think they deserve a second chance. They really should just let the licenses go already and give another more worthy manga publisher a shot.

    Either follow through or get the hell out. I don’t wanna be played for a fool again.

  3. It’s an interesting situation we see here, where buyers want the material but strongly dislike one of the companies bringing it to them. Kind of parallels the current situation in superhero comics.

  4. Completely. I hate DC and even stopped buying from them for 2 years, but I love Gail Simone’s series and recently caved and started buying again.

  5. By “I hate DC” I meant DC the company. I love DC’s characters, which is the problem.

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