Exclusive Preview of Finder: Talisman From Dark Horse

To go along with their picking up the amazing Finder series, Dark Horse is re-releasing one of the best story arcs, Talisman, in hardcover.

I’ve previous praised the story for so beautifully capturing the love of books and the wonders of storytelling. On October 3, this release is available in regular or limited signed edition that replicates the book at the center of the story.

Dark Horse has provided the following four pages to give you a taste of Carla Speed McNeil’s gorgeous art. (Click for larger.)

Finder: Talisman preview page 1Finder: Talisman preview page 2Finder: Talisman preview page 3Finder: Talisman preview page 4

4 Responses to “Exclusive Preview of Finder: Talisman From Dark Horse”

  1. Nicola Says:

    This was my first introduction to the Finder universe. I read the galley (review to come on release date) and was so impressed I went out and bought the Finder Library Vol. 1! (which includes Talisman). I really enjoyed the notes at the end.

  2. Julia L Says:

    I adore “Talisman”. This was also my introduction to the Finder universe. Way back in 2005, Carla handed me and a friend a copy at a bookstore event for “two book geeks”. I resemble that remark! She clearly could spot them, though. Marcie and I could have been kindred souls, searching for that right blank book or cringing when our story was told “wrong”.

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