Jill Thompson’s Scary Godmother to Get Doll, New Comics If Kickstarter Funds

Scary Godmother doll prototype

Jill Thompson has launched a Kickstarter to sell fashion doll replicas of her Scary Godmother character. Isn’t she cute? If this succeeds, Thompson hopes it will be only the first product available, with more to come.

Scary Godmother doll prototype

I love this description line: “[The Scary Godmother doll] stacks up much taller and curvier than your other fashion dolls that are out there. Have a sandwich, other dolls!” Although the doll appears to be high-quality (with changeable clothes, a pumpkin purse, and her ghost cat friend), I don’t need another dust collector, no matter how pretty, so what excites me about the project is new Scary Godmother comics!

Well, a short one, anyway. If you give $5, you will get a PDF of “a brand new, 10-page, painted Scary Godmother story created specifically for this Kickstarter.” That’s for me! Actually, I’m giving $6 so I also get the digital zero issue, “made to sell the Scary Godmother TV show.”

Right now, the project is only 40% backed, but there are almost three weeks still to go. So order some comics or the doll or the cooler, more expensive rewards, like art commissions or baked goods! Jill has some really creative experience packages if you’re in the Chicago area.

Update: More than two years later, although the Kickstarter funded, the doll and the new story have yet to be delivered. Thompson no longer responds to comments at Kickstarter, which are mostly customers angry they never got these items or other rewards, although she continues to post production updates.

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