Manga Fans, Your Dream Job Is Hiring

The Editor-in-Chief makes a tough decision, from Bakuman Volume 6, via Derek Bown

The Editor-in-Chief makes a tough decision, from Bakuman Volume 6, via Derek Bown

Which manga fan hasn’t dreamed of helping bring books they love to the US market? Kodansha Comics is currently hiring (on a one-year contract) a manga editor. Note that in addition to the usual skills — multitasking, good communication, able to meet schedules — you must be able to read Japanese.

But please note a few caveats: There was a similar job posting a year ago. I don’t know if that person didn’t work out, or they’re expanding — I hope so! I would hate to think of Ben or Dallas leaving — but there are no guarantees this will lead to anything permanent.

(Update: Kodansha confirmed on Twitter that, “This is an addition, not a substitution. It’s very good news!” So glad to hear!)

Fans, realize that this is a JOB. It has duties, and you have to be professional about performing them. You need to be organized and detail-oriented and willing to work hard, not just read manga all day. (That is not a job for anyone, or I would have it.)

Remember, my headline to the contrary, there is no such thing as a dream job. Your life will not end if you don’t get this position, and every great-sounding opportunity has parts to it you won’t like. That’s why they call it work. And seriously, if you’re applying for positions, read LOTS of the posts at that site I just linked. Really great job-hunting advice.

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