Image Integrates Digital Comic Purchases With Dropbox

Image Dropbox

I’m not sure why they were announcing it today, but Image has added new functionality to their online comic purchasing system: a one-click button to add your purchases to Dropbox, where they can be easily downloaded to whatever device or app you wish.

This news is the kind of customer service that Image can provide, since they run their own online sales outlet, not dependent on another service to add desired functionality. As they say about their DRM-free offerings,

They’re your comics; you own them.

3 Responses to “Image Integrates Digital Comic Purchases With Dropbox”

  1. Ralf Haring Says:

    It’s not just that they own their own online distribution, but stems directly from the position of making them DRM-free. Dark Horse also owns their own online store and I doubt you’ll see them making it easy for the consumer to read as they wish anytime soon.

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