Ape Entertainment Doesn’t Meet Promised Release Dates Last Month

Remember when I asked what was going on with Ape Entertainment a couple of weeks ago? And they showed up at another site to say they were still publishing and were “planning the release of our ‘Fruit Ninja’ comic app [announced July 2012] at the end of January”?

Ape Entertainment logo

Now that we’re well into February, searching “fruit ninja comic” in both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store turns up nothing relevant. Previously, Ape released a similar “Pocket God” comic for Apple devices through iVerse Media, so I checked that developer’s list, and nothing there either. There have been no website, Twitter, or Facebook updates.

Now, I’m not trying to be mean. When you’re talking apps, there are various approvals that might delay releases unexpectedly. (And heck, I get mailings from more than one comic publisher that are regularly a week early in their release date announcements.) I do want to make the point, though, that if your business appears to have disappeared, and you show up to say “no, it hasn’t!”, you ought to be darn sure that the promises you’re making can and will be fulfilled, because someone might decide to check them out. Particularly if you want to prove that you’re not gone.

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