High School Debut Manga Omnibus Edition to Include New Material

I very much enjoyed the shojo manga series High School Debut, so I have mixed emotions about this omnibus news. On the one hand, I’m glad more people will have a chance to read the series; on the other, putting new material in the reprints makes me gnash my teeth, since I don’t want to rebuy books for that reason. Then again, it’s only one book, and it sounds as though 2/3 of it (for the price of 1 1/2 typical manga volumes) will be new, so perhaps it’s not that bad a value.

High School Debut by Kazune Kawahara is now coming out in 3-in-1 omnibus editions, reprinting three volumes (as previously published) under one set of covers at a $14.99 list price. The series originally ran to 13 books, so there will be five 3-in-1 editions. Volume 2 is due out on May 6, and Viz has announced that the final omnibus “will contain the series finale as well as two additional volumes of special side stories and collected new material that has never before been published in English.”

I suppose it’s helpful that there’s that much more material to include to make the volume count come out right. If the series isn’t evenly divisible by three, the alternative — not finishing the series in the format started — is worse.

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  1. I’m gnashing my teeth, too. I have the whole tankobon series. Why put new material! GAH!

    I mean, I hear you.

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