Son of Batman Premieres Tonight at WonderCon; Video and Images for Those of Us Not There
April 18, 2014

The next original DCU animated movie, Son of Batman, will be available for home video purchase on May 6, but attendees of this weekend’s California show WonderCon will be able to see the film tonight, followed by a panel discussion with stars Jason O’Mara (Batman), Sean Maher (Nightwing), Xander Berkeley (Langstrom), Stuart Allan (Damian), and filmmakers James Tucker (producer), Ethan Spaulding (director), Phil Bourassa (character designer), and Andrea Romano (dialogue director). (Can you believe this is the 20th!?! original animated DCU film?)

For those of us who can’t attend, here are some video clips. This one shows a whole bunch of Man-Bats attacking Batman and Robin:

This one looks more at Bruce Wayne and his son Damian’s home life, with the child acting as a baby ninja. Cute! And Alfred gets to be dry and witty, which is always fun.

Last, Batman faces off with Killer Croc, who brags about his upgrades.

And here’s an image gallery of promo pictures released so far.

Son of Batman promo image - Damian

Son of Batman promo image - Bruce Wayne and Alfred

Son of Batman promo image - Batman and Damian

Son of Batman promo image - Bat-gun

Son of Batman promo image - Damian and Robin costume

Son of Batman promo image - Killer Croc

Son of Batman promo image - Deathstroke

Son of Batman promo image -  Nightwing

4 Responses  
James Schee writes:  

This is a an odd movie, lots of blood, and big focus on Talia’s chest which is large and she displays with a slit down the front costume(and camera focuses on) quite a bit. Making me wonder at times who DC makes these movies for.

Also odd to note, that the story is credited as written by James Robinson, teleplay by Joe R Linsdale, and I didn’t see a credit for Grant Morrison anywhere. Despite most of the story being based on his comic work. Which is odd as the had created by listings for Bob Kane, George Perez & Marv Wolfman for Nightwing and Deathstroke and Gerry Conway & Don Newton for Killer Croc.

I had a hard time believing that a boy the size of Damien could really physically match full grown trained adults in Nightwing and Deathstroke at times. And the level of the violence was a little disturbing, especially when it happens to someone who looks so young. Voice acting was fine though, Baccarin (the companion from Firefly) as Talia is someone I wouldn’t mind seeing int he role in a live action movie. And the interplay between the characters could be fun at times.

Johanna writes:  

Well, they are rated PG-13, so they’re aiming for teens and up. It sounds, even with the sex and blood, that it’s less objectionable than some of the stuff in the comics themselves.

Yeah, Damian is a weird character, but typical of Morrison, I think, as he took the “kid sidekick” idea from old comics and tried to make it more emotionally realistic, if not physically so.

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