Marvel at C2E2: I Don’t Think That Means What You Think That Means

I’m madly getting ready for C2E2 tomorrow — my visit to the show is going to be crazy since I only have Friday available — so I’m paying attention to the various press releases and appearances being announced. Then I got this Marvel announcement:

the Marvel Booth (Booth #327) is going to be the place to be all weekend, with the hottest creators in the industry bringing fans all that they’ve been craving and more! Over the course of the three day mega-event, Marvel is bringing the fan service with tons of events, signing, and exciting giveaways that will make C2E2 2014 an event to remember!

Original Sin promo eyeball

Um… “fan service”? Marvel doesn’t have that many female creators, let alone ones willing to show their panties to viewers. (That’s the usual meaning of the phrase, coming from manga readers.) I’m not sure they intended to suggest that… or maybe they did want to evoke sexually teasing the fans, who knows these days?

Anyway, they’re promising a “one-stop shop for excitement, entertainment, and prizes at the convention!” That includes the “very first chance to get your hands on the coveted glow-in-the-dark Original Sin Watcher Eyeball –- before they’re available in stores!” Because fake body parts make for terrific promo items!

4 Responses to “Marvel at C2E2: I Don’t Think That Means What You Think That Means”

  1. James Schee Says:

    Ok I’ve been seeing that stupid ball thing as am image on twitter and other sites, and just thought it was a weird marble. An eyeball from the Watcher though?? Eww….

    Other thing, ha yeah I don’t think whomever typed that realized the other meanings of fan service.

  2. Eric Says:

    Isn’t it usually written as the compound word “fanservice” when used in the manga sense?

    Still, a poor choice of words on Marvel’s part.

    I’ll be interested in reading your thoughts on C2E2.

  3. Johanna Says:

    Thanks for the encouragement! I’m working on my C2E2 posts now.

  4. C2E2: My Wrapup » Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] I got one of the promo eyeballs. […]




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