Dreams Come True! WKRP Complete Series Coming
May 9, 2014

When I wrote about the complete Hill Street Blues DVD set that came out at the end of last month, I mentioned that I really hoped that Shout! Factory would do a similar set for WKRP in Cincinnati. Ha! I called it! TV Shows on DVD is reporting that Shout! has “licensed the show’s home video rights and are planning to deliver all four seasons of the sitcom together in one package”.

WKRP in Cincinnati cast

Since the sitcom was about a radio station, the music was an important part of the show, and the rights have been a problem in the past. There was a first season release in 2007 that made extensive cuts to avoid licensing costs, even to the point of eliminating scenes from the show. There’s been no official word from Shout!, but I know that they do everything they can to put out releases fans can be proud of. No timeframe has been announced, but I’m excited just to hear the effort is in progress. I’m also hoping that they do some current-day retrospective interviews and remembrances.

This music discussion forum points out how extensive the music use was in the show. I’m not expecting EVERYthing to be available, but as they note, some scenes depended on the song that was involved, so I hope the substantial uses are cleared. It appears that fans have been requesting Shout! do this for over a decade now, too. Sometimes patience is rewarded.

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Sarah Hayes writes:  

*happy dance*

Although I have to admit, I’m least likely to pick it up if the majority of the music isn’t left intact. That’s rather a deal breaker for a series like WKRP.

Mark Ellliott writes:  

I hope they get a move on. I’ve only got about 40 years left on this planet!

James Schee writes:  

Cool I was very young when this show was on, and there were jokes my parents laughed at that went right over my head. I’ll look at it once it comes out.

hapax writes:  

Omigosh, the Thanksgiving episode is an annual re-watch at my house (“as God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly!”) as is the one where the gang cuts the jingle for the mortician commercial.

I lived in Cincinnati at the time of the stampede at the Who concert, and I remember the unusually somber WKRP episode as being the most healing reference to the event.

I’ll be delighted to get decent versions, instead of my lousy bootleg VHS tapes. (uh-oh; did I just confess to that in public?)

Johanna writes:  

Yeah, that concert aftermath episode is a real punch to the gut, and an excellent example of how amazing this show could be, for all that it was an entertaining sitcom.

We have tapes, too, that KC made while watching the syndicated versions.

Dwight Williams writes:  

Hoping the usage rights issues are settled to the fans’ satisfaction here. It would be a shame if they weren’t.

Robert writes:  

License holders of music released decades ago would be much better served to work a deal to have their music included, even to the point of letting it be included for free. With todays digital music options, license holders should chaulk up preceived lost revenue to advertising expense. Case in point, Breaking Bad’s season finally propelled the vintage song they featured sales up 3.000% and resulted in it reaching the top 25.

Robert writes:  

Sorry, thats 3,000% (thee thousand) percent).


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