Mixtape #5

Mixtape #5 cover

The fifth issue of Mixtape concludes the series’ first arc.

It’s got an excellent concept behind it, one of those ideas that seems so simple but so elegant: What song do you want played at your funeral? The high school kids, already facing the end of the school year, are grappling with the unexpected death of a student. He was a jock, and they didn’t really know (or like) him, but the activities that go through the school affect them nonetheless.

Some are wisecracking, which annoy others, who respect death, if not the deceased. Others are taken back to unpleasant memories. Some get philosophical, reflecting on what friendship means. Others reveal unexpected heroic sides. In this short space, 24 pages, a gamut of reactions are shown — and shown well — adding up to a good metaphor for where the characters are going. It’s an impressive issue, and one I hope those looking for substantial comic reading will find.

Writer Brad Abraham, on his website, has talked a little bit about future plans for the series. I hope there’s more. Mixtape #5 can be ordered online in print or digital formats. (The publisher provided a digital review copy.)

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