Bats Bats Bats Bats: The History of Batman’s Costumes

The same group that put out an infographic on the history of Spider-Man’s costumes is back with a look at Batman’s outfits over the years. Smartly, they’ve titled it “The Mark of Batman: The Evolution of an Icon” since what changes is the bat on his chest. Some of those early 1940s bats, before branding became a concern, are pretty goofy-looking. The list comes in two sections, one each for comics and movies.

Batman Symbol Evolution Infographic
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One Response to “Bats Bats Bats Bats: The History of Batman’s Costumes”

  1. Thad Says:

    It’s a neat comparison but I wish it credited the artists — even considering that’s a tricky proposition given the Bob Kane credit for the first couple of decades.




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